Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine

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Perfect For:
Sealing Shrink Sleeves
Works with:
Can be modified to work with all sized pre roll tubes
Size including Stand:
37 in x 17 in x 17 in
19 in x 17 in x 13 in
Machine Type:
Packaging Machine
Power Requirement:
110 volt

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Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine

Effortlessly brand your pre-roll tubes with shrink sleeves

Pre-roll tubes are the best packaging solution for pre-rolls due to their long and narrow size, however that creates some branding challenges! Aside from custom labels and our label application services, custom shrink sleeves are another great way to brand your pre-roll tubes. Once you have your custom shrink sleeves, all you need to do is slip the branded shrink sleeve over the pre roll tube and drop it through the shrink steam tunnel. The steam tunnel will cause the shrink sleeve to shrink around the tube, which not only provides full custom branding, but also a tamper evident seal.

cone shaped glass filter tips
cone glass filter tip

Full Custom Branding

Shrink sleeves are a great way to add full custom branding to your entire tube. Unlike custom labels, custom branded shrink sleeves completely cover your pre-roll packaging from top to bottom and can provide a tamper evident seal without a second sticker!

custom glass filter tips

Fast & Easy Packaging

Shrink sleeves can be applied and sealed in a matter of seconds with our Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine. All you have to do is slip the shrink sleeve around your pre-roll packaging and drop the tube down the steam tunnel. The steam and heat will cause the shrink sleeve to shrink around your pre-roll tube, providing full branding and a tamper evident seal.

glass filter tips for pre-rolls

Works with all Sizes

Whether you are using our short 90mm pre roll tubes, 116mm pre roll tubes, or our extra wide pre roll tubes, which can hold up to 7 pre-rolls, our Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine can work with any sized tube - just swap out the correct sized steam tunnel.