Reclaimed Ocean-Bound Plastic Tubes

Reclaimed ocean-bound plastic pre-roll packaging is packaging made from plastics that have been recovered and recycled from 50 km from shores in an attempt to keep it from getting into the ocean. If you are a sustainable pre-roll brand or if sustainability is an important part of your brand, then these reclaimed ocean-bound plastic pre-roll tubes are perfect for your pre-roll packaging. These pre roll tubes come in two size – the 116mm and 83mm tube size. The 116mm pre-toll tube is perfect for up to full gram pre-rolls and best of all, these tubes are wide enough to hole 2 pre-rolls, so you can fit up to 2 one gram pre-rolls in this option. The 83mm pre roll tube is designed for up to 2 half gram or smaller pre-rolls. Unlike other pop-top style pre-roll tubes, these environmentally friendly pre roll tubes open by aligning the cap with a certain point and then popping the lid off. In addition to the pre-roll tubes as packaging, we also offer custom labels! Please reach out for custom labels to bundle with your pre-roll packaging to save even more money!