Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre Rolled Cones

Custom Cones USA offers the finest pre rolled cones for pre roll manufactures, as we are one of the only pre rolled cone manufacturers offering 100% organic hemp rolling paper cones. We are one of the only pre rolled cone manufacturer that offers 100% organic hemp rolling paper! We offer all sizes and types of bulk pre rolled cones from the 84mm pre-rolled cone for half-gram joints to the king-size 109mm cones. Our bulk pre rolled cones are made with the lightest and smoothest burning french rolling papers. Our pre-rolled cones are designed and measured to fit in all standard pre-roll machine like the Knockbox. We also offer other machines for pre-rolled cone production like our industrial cannabis grinder. Besides standard pre-rolled cones and pre roll machines, we also offer the hemp wrap blunt cones. Our hemp blunt cones are super slow burning and perfectly complement the flavor of your flower. If you want to take your brand to the next level, ask us about custom pre-rolled cones today!


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Pre-Rolled Cones

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