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Custom Cones USA offers the finest pre rolled joint cones for manufacturers and industrial co-packers, deep pre-roll specific knowledge, and the widest array of pre-roll products like our 100% organic hemp rolling paper cones, blunt cones, and designer pre-rolled cones. We offer all sizes and types of bulk pre rolled cones for smoking from the 84mm pre-rolled cone for half-gram joints to the king-size 109mm joint cones. Our bulk pre-rolled cones are made with the lightest and smoothest burning European rolling papers. Our pre rolled cones are designed and measured to fit in all standard and industrial pre-roll machines like the Knockbox, King Kone, and even fully automated pre-roll machines. If you want to take your brand to the next level, ask us about custom pre-rolled cones today! If you are looking for small packs of pre rolled cones to pack and smoke yourself or to sell in your retail store, check out our sister pre rolled cone company DaySavers.

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Why our Pre-Rolled Cones?

Pre-Rolled Cone Paper Types


Refined White Paper

Refined White “Rice” Paper

Refined white paper, sometimes referred to as “rice” paper is the most popular rolling paper type in cones for smoking, because it is the lightest and cleanest burning paper. Refine white rolling paper is the easiest to see through when ordering custom branded pre-rolled cones.

Natural Brown Paper

Compared to pre-rolled joint cones made with refined white rolling paper, the brown paper is less refined and is therefore slightly heavier, as it contains slightly more natural plant components. All our pre-rolled cones are made from the finest European rolling papers, which are smooth and slow-burning.

100% Organic Hemp Rolling Paper

Made from certified organic hemp fiber, pre-rolled cones made from our organic hemp paper are tan in color. Despite being slightly lighter in shade than the unrefined brown pre-rolled cones, the organic hemp paper is the least transparent and thus the hardest to see-through when ordering custom branded pre-rolled cones.

Blunt Wraps & Botanical Blunts

We also offer the widest variety of pre-rolled blunt cones, as well as botanical pre-rolled cones made from natural goji berry. Our pre-rolled cone factories produce both cone-shaped and tube-shaped pre rolls in many different sizes and, of course, any pre roll products can be custom branded.

Pre-Rolled Cone Sizes

Our Pre-Rolled Cone Paper Types:

  • Refined White Paper - These classic white pre-roll cones are made from ultra-thin European rolling paper, providing a tasteless vessel to allow your customers to enjoy the pure taste of your flower.
  • Natural Brown Paper - These are made from ultra-thin European rolling paper that is derived from 100% wood pulp, just like their refined white counterparts. They are not cleaned and refined as many times as the white paper, resulting in a darker, natural hue.
  • 100% Organic Hemp Paper - These paper cones for smoking are made of 100% organic pure hemp fibers,
    utilizing sustainable methods that helps conserve trees and save ecosystems.
  • Hemp Wrap - Our standard brown hemp wraps offer a richer, fuller smoking experience than traditional paper cones. Made with all-natural hemp wraps, these blunt cones don’t have any additives or artificial flavoring and are free of THC and tobacco.
  • Hybrid Hemp Wrap - By combining the right blend of hemp pulp and natural hemp bio-mass, we have created a perfectly balanced pre-rolled cone that looks and feels like a blunt, but without the moisture sensitivity that causes traditional hemp wraps to dry out.
  • Printed Paper - Our printed paper pre-rolled joint cones are perfect for specialty pre-rolls or brands trying to stand out with a unique pre-roll product. Rather than using standard ink, we only use vegetable-based dyes, ensuring a smooth smoke and compliancy in regulated markets.
  • Designer Cones - With an unbranded price point, but a custom branded look, our designer cones are the perfect product for those looking to bridge the gap between unbranded and branded cones.
  • Botanical Blunt Cones - Our botanical blunt cones can be found at the intersection of smooth and delicious. The fine, all-natural raw materials lend themselves to a rich smoking experience with a gentle flavor and even burn

Pre Rolled Cones for Smoking Compliance

Heavy Metals

Compliance and safety testing always come first at Custom Cones USA! All our pre-rolled cone materials are carefully tested for heavy metals, from the rolling paper used in the pre-rolled cones, to the filter paper in the tips. Our pre-rolled cone factories are held to the strictest quality standards and each pre-rolled cone paper type has been tested to the most rigorous standards in Canada and in the US.


Here at Custom Cones USA, we uphold our pre-rolled joint cones to rigorous Canadian standards, which test for 96 pesticides. These include all the pesticides tested under California’s Phase 3 compliance standards, the strictest in the nation, to ensure our pre rolled cones are fully compliant.


All our pre rolled cones come with batch labels, to help identify the exact pre rolled cone factory and production line, as well as the date those pre roll cones were produced. This level of traceability allows our pre-rolled cones to pass the strictest regulations and avoid compliance concerns.

Quality Documents

All Custom Cones USA products, including our pre-rolled cones, are supported by quality-related documents and statements. We thoroughly evaluate the materials used, product specifications and analysis/certificates provided to ensure our pre roll products meet the highest quality standards.


Pre Rolled Cones Customization Options

Custom Branded Filter

Branding your pre-rolls with custom branded cones for smoking is the best way to ensure your line stands out with customers. All paper types can be used with custom cones and all our standard pre-rolled cone sizes are guaranteed to work in all industry-standard cone filling machines and knockboxes.

Custom Filter & Cone Sizes

Our cone factories are capable of producing any sized cone or pre-roll filter tip. We have made cones of all sorts of shapes and sizes. In addition to all the industry standard sizes of cones, we also offer the widest array of pre-rolled tubes.

Premium Custom Options

If you are looking for a premium pre-roll product, you can even add a cigar band or full external wrap for a more premium cone. Although not a cone shape, we also have glass tipped and wood tipped pre-rolled tubes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

+ How much flower fits into a pre-roll cone?

Our standard 109mm cone is perfect for 1-gram sizes. We also offer 84mm cones, which are great for half-grams, 98mm cones that fit three quarters of a gram, 98mm slim joint cones that will fit half-grams, and 70mm dogwalker cones that will fit a quarter to a third of a gram of flower.

+ What are your pre-rolled cones made from?

The hemp pre rolled cones are made from a hemp paper. The brown pre rolled cones are made from an unrefined brown paper. The white pre rolled cones are made from a refined white paper. The refined white paper is also referred to as rice paper in the industry. The misconception that rice paper is made from rice dates back to the 1900's where Europeans believed a paper coming out of Taiwan was made from Rice. Rice-paper is now a general term for various pulp based papers.

+ What is the difference between the white and brown pre-rolled cones?

White rolling paper tends to have less paper taste and a cleaner smoke than brown papers - this is because the whitening process removes lignin. People theorize that lignin in the wood are what give Mesquite BBQ its' distinctive smoky taste. Despite popular belief, our whitening process does not bleach the pre-roll; instead, the material is cleaned thoroughly enough to remove all plant matter and lignin, resulting in a solid white paper.

+ What certifications are available for the pre-rolled cones for smoking?

All of our pre-rolled cones have two certifications - a quality certification as well as a food-grade certification. Further we have an FSC-certification for the rolling paper which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Our pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all our pre-rolled cones for smoking are traceable to the exact date and production line which produced the cones.

+ Do your pre rolled cones fit into standard knockboxes or other filling machines?

Yes! Custom Cones USA pre rolled cones fit all knockboxes and other standard pre roll machines. For custom pre roll sizes, please check with your pre roll machine’s manufacturer – we can send samples to confirm testing in your specific cone filling machines.

+ Do the hemp wrap pre-rolled cones need to be stored or treated in a certain way?

Yes. Like cigars, hemp wrap pre rolled cones will dry out and should be stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled containers to extend their life. All our “classic” pre-rolled hemp wraps are shipped with humidity packs to help retain moisture.

+ What is the lead time for adding custom branding on my pre-rolled cones?

Lead times for custom branding on pre-rolled cones are approximately 8-10 weeks, though more complicated customizations may take longer. Talk to your sales rep about the specifics of your job.

+ Is there a minimum order quantity of pre-rolled cones?

There is no minimum order quantity for stock pre-rolled cones. Minimum order sizes for customizations vary by product. Please consult with your sales rep for specifics.

+ Do you offer wholesale pricing on pre rolled cones?

All pre-rolled cones on our website are already wholesale-priced for your convenience.

+ Can I resell and distribute your cones and other products on my website and retail store?

Yes, but with qualifications. Please reach out to the sales team to qualify as a reseller or distributor for Custom Cones USA pre-roll products.