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Top Trends for Pre-Roll Packaging in 2023

Top Trends for Pre-Roll Packaging in 2023

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Sep 21st 2023

With the pre-roll segment continuing to lead all cannabis sales segments in year-over year growth and more and more companies launching products into the space, pre-roll producers need new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out to consumers.

That makes pre-roll packaging a critical means of creating brand recognition among consumers.

While compliance and convenience are the primary motivators behind pre-roll package design today, aesthetic appeal can never be counted out as a driver of sales. Sustainable pre-roll packaging trends like recyclable options and the use of eco-friendly materials also gain more importance every year.

As we make our way further into 2023, the pre-roll landscape is laser-focused on packaging solutions that make for a unique and convenient consumer experience, while also meeting practical criteria regarding cost and compliance.

At Custom Cones USA, our pre-roll experts will ensure you get pre-roll packaging solutions to meet all of your needs and help you break through the clutter. Let's explore the top trends shaping pre-roll joint packaging choices in today’s cannabis industry.


Both inside and outside the industry, sustainability has become a significant factor influencing packaging trends, with one recent poll showing that 74% of consumers are willing to spend a little bit more for a product in sustainable packaging.

In response to consumer demand for more sustainable packaging solutions, cannabis brands can not only reduce their carbon footprints with environmentally conscious pre-roll packaging, but also use them to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Popular green pre-roll packaging solutions include recycled or reclaimed ocean plastic, compostable tubes and hemp-based materials. Certain U.S. states, like New York, even require producers to use plastic made from at least 25% post-consumer waste.

If you choose eco-friendly packaging that is not 100% airtight, we recommend adding overwrap or heat shrink to protect pre-roll product quality. Also, if using compostable packaging is a priority, it’s important to use compostable labeling with your compostable tubes – both available from Custom Cones USA – so consumers don’t have to worry about deconstructing their packaging before disposing of it. Be sure to ask our pre-roll experts about how to ensure your pre-roll packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

Multi-packs are becoming more and more popular every day. In 2018 multi-packs of regular and infused pre-rolls only made up 27.7% of the market. By 2023, multi-packs make up 47.62% of the market—representing a growth of about 20% over 5 years. During this time, we have also seen a nearly 400% growth in multi-packs that have a volume of 2 or 5 grams.

There are several different directions you can go when creating packaging for a multi-pack, and each is going to have its own advantages when it comes to compliance laws, pre-roll protection, and branding. Custom Cones USA offers a variety of flip packs, push packs, snap packs, slider boxes, tins, jars and tubes, all in a variety of colors and completely customizable to incorporate your branding.

Tin Containers

More companies are using tin containers for pre-roll packaging to differentiate their brand, while also offering unsurpassed protection for joints. Not only is tin a premium material that makes your pre-rolls look like an upscale product, but it is also recyclable. Plus, in many cases, customers will keep and reuse tin containers in the future—offering more brand awareness for your company down the road.

Tin containers offer discrete and ergonomic pre-roll packaging solutions that fit easily into a pocket. Custom Cones USA offers a variety of tins that come in different sizes and colors, and complete with multiple options when it comes to a tin’s closing mechanism and inserts. To further increase your pre-roll's visibility, you can customize every part of the package with your branding.

Color Coding

Color coding is an easy, convenient and attractive means for drawing attention to your pre-roll packaging. Even the simplest packaging options, like the ubiquitous plastic pop-top tube, can become an extension of your branding by choosing the right color. At Custom Cones USA, we have a variety of colors in stock and can even Pantone Color Match a tube to match your brand.

Color coding is also an easy solution for organizing multi-packs. While pre-roll multipacks are a great way for customers to try a variety of cannabis strains with a single purchase, they aren’t always easy to deal with. It can sometimes be difficult for customers to tell the difference between strains without further attention to detail and packaging.

Additionally, color-coded tips on pre-roll joints allow customers to easily distinguish between different strains in pre-roll multi-packs. When they want to try a new strain, all they have to do is choose different colored joints. To further help customers distinguish between pre-rolls, Custom Cones USA offers a variety of colored tips with Indica, Sativa and Hybrid printed on them.

Brand Collaborations

While brand collaborations are nothing new in cannabis, this marketing approach is evolving to keep up with the times, including how celebrity endorsements are used and how brands are creating synergy to boost sales and recognition.

Brand collaboration with celebrities began right alongside legalization, with several big names using their fame to create or endorse cannabis brands and products. While certain celebrities like country music legend Willie Nelson and former football superstar Ricky Williams are integral parts of their own cannabis brands, others collaborate with producers and manufacturers for special releases, or simply lend their name and likeness. Either way, a recognizable name or face can help draw attention to your pre-roll packaging and product.

Recently, we’ve also seen an uptick in two different cannabis brands for a single special release, with both brands appearing on the packaging to attract shoppers. One common practice is for pre-roll manufacturers to join forces with concentrate brands to release special edition infused joints, which are driving growth in many markets.

In California, for example, Glass House Farms has teamed with F/ELD to produce a series of co-branded pre-roll products featuring Glass House flower and F/ELD extracts in tins that features both company logos. Additionally, HighNow offers a Pride Month-themed pre-roll product that contains Moxie flower and Lift Tickets brand live resin, with all three companies factoring into the pre-roll packaging design. Fidel’s Hash Hole has also co-branded its specialized infused technique with flower from multiple producers, including DNA Genetics and Cookies, a great way to interest fans of those brands in Hash Hole’s infused product.

Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

Sometimes you want packaging that really makes your pre-roll stand out on the shelf and lets the customer know that they are looking at a premium product. Upgrading to a glass tube is a great way to do both. If you are in a state that allows a product to be seen, you can go with a clear glass tube to show off your pre-roll. But even in states that require the product to be hidden, an opaque glass tube still makes a statement large enough to get attention.

When ordering your glass pre-roll tubes, do not discount the choice and color of cap. Whether you want a cap made from silicone, aluminum or cork, Custom Cones USA offers a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from in both child resistant and non-child resistant options. Each top offers something unique when it comes to aesthetics, compliance and protection. So, take that into consideration before selecting your cap.

For companies looking for a less expensive alternative to glass, clear plastic tubes with screw tops, customized by color, can be an attractive option.

Holiday Special Editions

The holiday season is becoming as important for cannabis retailers as it is for the traditional sector, with 9 out of 10 consumers saying they plan to incorporate cannabis into their celebrations and another 76% saying they plan to give cannabis or cannabis-related gifts this season.

Holiday special edition pre-rolls are a great way to get customers to notice your brand during different times of the year, particularly during the giving season. By using unique colors in your packaging and patterns on the filters celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah, you can create a strong connection with your customers. In some instances, people might be motivated to buy pre-rolls simply because they are limited editions.

Pre-roll packaging and cones that support causes or charities also allow your products and company to stand out, whether it’s a rainbow Pride flag or a pink ribbon to support breast cancer research.

When it comes to everyone’s favorite holiday 4/20, you can already count on an exceptionally high number of people shopping at dispensaries. What better way to take advantage of this increased foot traffic than with limited edition, 4/20 branded pre-rolls? To get maximum impact, team up with your favorite dispensary to actively market your products along with their own 4/20 holiday promotions.

Safety & Compliance

Safety and compliance continue to be major influencing factors for cannabis packaging trends. Since the early days of the industry, regulations have required pre-roll packaging to incorporate child-resistant mechanisms to prevent accidental consumption by minors. In 2023, the challenge is to balance safety measures with convenience, affordability, and aesthetic appeal.

Custom Cones USA goes well beyond the required child-resistant certifications, with all the documentation available to keep your pre-roll packaging complaint. We also offer packaging that meets tamper-evident requirements, while also paying careful attention to materials safety. If you need assistance choosing pre-roll packaging that meets the compliance standards of your given state, Custom Cones USA’s pre-roll experts are here to help.

Attention to Detail

As branding continues to gain more relevance for success in the pre-roll vertical, attention to detail is taking center stage. Gone are the days when cannabis products were only differentiated by strain names or their desired effects. Visiting a dispensary today is a full-blown retail shopping experience.

From lifestyle brands that celebrate beach and mountain culture to celebrity-endorsed products and budget-conscious offering, the industry has them all and shoppers will take their cues from your packaging. To take things further, attention to detail in pre-roll packaging includes custom artwork, color-coded multi-packs, humidity control packets and even custom display boxes. Unique packaging designs serve as conversation starters and offer consumers an elevated experience beyond the product itself.

What Unique Offers Does Custom Cones USA Have in 2023?

In 2023, Custom Cones USA is offering pre-roll packaging solutions that demonstrate the industry's commitment to sustainability, safety, branding, and consumer satisfaction. We provide the widest array of pre-roll packaging offerings anywhere in the market.

  • Custom Branding: all of our pre-roll packaging options can be easily custom branded to fit your needs. We also keep everything in stock in multiple colors and styles - which can prove extremely helpful to those brands who are just starting out.
  • Label Application Service: we offer a label application service so we can custom print and label all your tubes for you. Once you get your pre-roll packaging, all you need to do is place pre-rolls in the tubes.
  • Glass Tubes: we offer thick and durable glass for pre-roll tubes that is available in clear, matte white, matte black, shiny gold, and shiny silver.
  • Cap Styles: Custom Cones USA has an array of cap styles that can be mixed and matched to any color pop top tubes. We also have alumite color caps - which are a shiny metallic option for premium products.
  • PET Plastic Tubes: these tubes look just like glass tubes, but they are cheaper and less prone to breakage. They also save you money on shipping since plastic is much lighter than glass.

Get Your Pre-Roll Packaging from Custom Cones USA

Pre-rolls are one of the most popular cannabis products on the market and the No. 1 add-on to any cannabis order, so it’s important for producers to differentiate themselves in the market. To meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated customer base and compliance infrastructure, it’s important to work with the best pre-roll supplier that you can.

Partnering with Custom Cones USA will help ensure you stay on top of pre-roll packaging trends to stand out from competitors. Contact one of our pre-roll experts today to get started!

Discover the latest trends in pre-roll packaging for 2023. Enhance the consumer experience with unique and compliant packaging from Custom Cones USA.