84mm - 1/2 Gram Pre-Rolled Cones

Our 84mm pre-rolled cones are tailored made for half gram joints, which are very popular in multi packs of pre-rolls. All our 84mm pre rolled cones are compatible with standard and automated cone filling machines, ensuring that the packing process is simple and easy. Since the 84mm pre rolled cone is shorter, it also makes it easier to pack many joints into our child resistant options and custom cigarette boxes. 

You can choose from Unrefined Brown, Refined White, and 100% Organic Hemp rolling papers as your options for the 84mm pre rolled cones. We also make our 84mm half gram pre rolled cones in multiple Hemp Wrap types, which then gives you the option of adding pre-rolled blunts to your product line. We test all our pre-rolled cones to pass all the compliance testing your final products are held to - just reach out for all our compliance documents. 

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84mm - 1/2 Gram Pre-Rolled Cones

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