84mm - 1/2 Gram Pre-Rolled Cones

Our 84mm pre-rolled cone is tailor made for personal half gram joints, that are soon to be the standard in all multi pack options. It’s short size is complimented by the lean opening diameter, allowing you to also pack .3gram in each joint. All our 84mm cones are compatibles with our cone packing machine, ensuring that the packing process is simply and easy, as well as all other industry standard cone filling machines. Since the 84mm pre rolled cone is shorter, it also makes it easier to pack many joints into our child resistant options and custom cigarette boxes. As the industry moves closer to wide spread multi pack options, the 84mm pre rolled cone will be able to give all companies the opportunity to offer the leanest, but most compact pre roll.  

You can choose from Unrefined Brown, Refined White, and 100% Organic Hemp as your options for the 84mm cones. It also comes in the Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones, which then gives you the option of offering personal blunt pre rolls as your specialty products. The 84mm cones fit in the 90mm and 98mm joint tube, while also giving you the opportunity to put multiple in there and still be cost effective. Due to the lean size, you can also fit more when you use inserts in our slider box or any other plastic child resistant packaging product. The 84mm Reefer is also extremely compatible with our bio-cooling filters, as the leaner filter fits perfectly into the cone. 

Along with our 84mm stock size, you can also request to customize your length to make the joint even smaller or vice versa. We recommend testing which size works best for your customers. Here at Custom Cones USA, we seek to push the frontier on all innovation in pre rolls and allow everyone to have their own space in the market! 

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84mm - 1/2 Gram Pre-Rolled Cones

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