Pre-Roll Tins

Lightweight, stylish, reusable and recyclable, our pre-roll tins are a premium way to package your pre-roll multipacks! Thanks to their slim profile hard shell, these discreet pre-roll tins fit comfortably in a pocket or easily in a bag and will protect your pre-roll cones from being crushed or damaged. Available in three different styles and all child resistant, these pre-roll tins often become collectors’ items that customers hang on to long after they are empty. The 2-button pre roll tin is available in large and small sizes to fit either 109mm pre-roll cones or dogwalker mini cones, respectively, and comes in glossy black or white. The easy-to-use slider tin, which fits 109mm pre-roll cones, and retro-flip tins, similar to the classic Altoids tin and perfect for 98mm and 84mm pre-roll cones, come in matte black, matte white and brushed silver. Plus, pair any pre-roll tin with one of our plastic inserts to create the perfect pre-roll multi-pack. Or use them for something completely different, like edibles! And all of our preroll tins are completely customizable and can be finished with a plastic overwrap to seal in freshness!

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Slider Tins

With a slim, low-profile design and space for up to eight 109mm pre-roll cones, these easy-to-use and child resistant pre-roll tins open and close with a simple squeeze and slide are the perfect, discreet pre-roll multipack. Add a plastic insert for tighter stability to hold 5 pre-roll cones or pack them filter-to-twist to fit in a full 8 pre-roll cones. Available in matte black, matte white or brushed silver, these beautiful pre-roll tins take your prerolled cones to the next level.

Retroflip Tins

Modeled after old school Altoids tins, these stylish pre-roll tins are a modern take on a familiar design and are often re-purposed keeping your brand top of mind! These pre-roll tins will hold 5-7 98mm pre-rolled cones and the push-to-open child-resistance mechanism is not only familiar to consumers but adds a touch of class to your pre-roll packaging. Available in matte black, matte white or brushed silver, the face of this preroll tin is a blank slate for you to add any branding or product information you like.

Button Tins

Available in two sizes, these 2-button pre-roll tins are as sleek as they are secure, perfect for a premium brand pre-roll multipack. Fully child resistant, the two-button closure uses two spring-loaded buttons that must be pushed at the same time to access the pre-roll cones in the tin. The small 2-button tins is perfect for a pre-roll multipack of 6 70mm dogwalker mini cones while the large tin holds 6 109mm pre-roll cones, both available in glossy black or white and fully customizable.


Make your pre-roll tins truly stand out by customizing them with your logo and branding! All of our preroll tins are the perfect blank palette for your branding, either through fully customizable labels or by printing directly on the surface of the custom pre roll tins. We can also emboss or deboss your logo on any of our pre-roll tins for a full premium and collectable piece of pre-roll packaging.

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Pre-roll tins make the perfect pre-roll multi-pack. Whether packed in filter-to-twist or secured in a plastic insert, pre-roll tins look great and protect your pre-rolls from being damaged in transport. With multiple options of sizes and shapes, and all fully customizable, pre-roll tins signal a premium product and are a great way to capitalize on the pre-roll multi-pack trend and always child resistant.


These pre-roll tins are not only reusable and are often kept long after they are emptied, pre-roll tins are also recyclable, making them a more sustainable and eco-friendly option, particularly for brands built on being Earth-friendly!


All of our pre-roll tins, whether slider, 2-button or Retroflip, can be fitted with special plastic inserts to keep your pre-roll cones separated and secure. Each insert is cut to the exact length of the pre-roll tin it fits and holds in 5 pre-roll cones in place. Make a set of 5 of the same preroll cones or mix and match strains to create the perfect pre-roll multipack for your brand!




+ What size pre-roll tins do you have for pre-roll packaging?

Our pre-roll tins come in multiple sizes to fit any pre-roll cones. The large 2-button pre-roll tin fits 109mm pre-roll cones while the small 2-button tin will fit 74mm dogwalker or mini pre-roll cones. The slider tin fits 109mm pre-roll cones and the retroflip tin is perfect for either 98mm pre-roll cones or 84mm pre-roll cones.

+ Are the pre-roll tins child-resistant and compliant with safety regulations?

Yes! All three pre-roll tins are certified child resistant and we have the documentation on hand if you need it!

+ What are the customizable options for the pre-roll tins packaging?

All three pre-roll tins can be customized with labels or direct printing on the surface of the tin to ensure that your branding stand out, as well as for compliance purposes. In addition, our pre-roll tins can be embossed or debossed to further make them stand out from the pack! Ask your sales associate for the full range of options.

+ What color pre-roll tins are available?

Our slider and retroflip pre-roll tins are available in matte black, matte white and brushed silver. The 2-button pre-roll tins are available in glossy black and glossy white, and all are fully customizable.

+ Is there a minimum order quantity for pre-roll tins?

No! There is no minimum order quantity for pre-roll tins kept in stock. However, there is a minimum order quantity on customized orders. Ask your sales associate for complete details!

+ Are the inserts included with the pre-roll tins?

No, the plastic inserts that fit inside our pre-roll tins are not included with the pre-roll tins and must be ordered separately.