Slider Tin - Child Resistant - Silver - [200 per case]

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Case Size:
200 Units per Case
Outer Dimensions:
113mm x 74mm x 15mm
Inner Dimensions:
111mm x 72mm x 12mm
Package Material:
Package Style:
Pre-Roll Tin
Made For:
6-8 109mm Cones
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
Package Color:
Environmental Impact:
100% Recyclable
Additional Services:
Custom Design Services for Pre-Roll Tins

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Slider Tin - Child Resistant - Silver - [200 per case]
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Child-Resistant Slider Tin - Silver

Enjoy the grace and ease of the Child-Resistant Slider Tin in Silver

Slide under the velvet rope with a low-profile, eye-catching sensation! The child-resistant slider tin boasts a secure but frustration free slide tab closure. These impressive tins come in black, white, and silver, which is perfect for those trying to brand with their own stickers and labels, but don't forget--we can customize the whole thing from nose to tail for you! A sleek multipack, these tins can hold up eight 109mm pre-rolls, which means you will be ready to hit the road or keep the party going--whichever you prefer!


Slim Design

The CR Slider Tin's slim, low-profile design makes it the ultimate discrete multipack. With an inner length of 111mm, it is perfect for housing up to eight 109mm pre-roll cones laying tip to top.


Safe and Secure

This tin is stylish, as well as secure. The slide tab closure allows the top to slide and secure into tabs on either side of the tin. This, along with the tin's sturdy construction, make it highly reusable.


Matte Finish

This slider tin is quite a looker! Its matte finish is great for those looking to brand with their own labels and stickers.




QuantityPrice per Case
1 - 4 Cases $179.99 per Case
5 - 9 Cases $172.99 per Case
10 + Cases $164.99 per Case