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King Kone

The King Kone pre-roll filling machine uses a powerful motor that packs cones and now tubes with an up and down motion, getting a better pack than pre-roll machines that just work on vibration. To fill tubes, you will need to pair your King Kone with a tube conversion kit as well as the appropriately sized tray for the tubes you want to fill. The King Kone’s modular design is very friendly for assembly line manufacturing processes.  Compared to other pre-roll machines, this metal King Kone is solid and heavy-duty, while still being surprisingly compact— you will have no trouble finding the space for multiple King Kone pre-roll filling machines in your production environment! Custom Cones USA recommends pairing your King Kone with an Industrial Cannabis Grinder, used to grind your product to the optimal particle size as well as your choice of sifter to filter out anything that doesn’t add to the smoking experience!

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King Kone

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