Joint Tube Label Application Services

We label your pre-roll tubes open! Why is this so important? Because when you receive your custom branded tubes, the last thing you want your production team doing is spending hours hurting their hands popping thousands of tubes back open, just to slide the pre-roll in and snap them shut. Most other custom packaging companies label their pop-top tubes closed since it is easier and cheaper for them, however we label our pop-top tubes in the open position, since we know how important this is to the pre-roll production process. Not only do we label plastic pop-top tubes, but we also label glass pre-roll tubes! We have the widest variety of pop-top tubes and glass pre-roll tubes in the industry - perfect for any budget, brand style, or company color.

We print our custom labels on high-quality BOPP material with an ultra-strong adhesive meant for round containers in oily environments. This is especially important with joint tubes, because if you order custom labels on cheap materials and with weak adhesives, your labels will start peeling off and make your pre-roll look extremely cheap and unprofessional. With our custom joint tube labels there is nothing to worry about - our die-lines are custom tailored to perfectly fit our various pre-roll tube styles and our materials are of the highest quality, ensuring a beautiful print and perfect application on the pre roll tube.

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a closeup of joint tube labeling process

Ultra-Strong Joint Tube Label Adhesive

A common mistake when starting your pre-roll line is using the wrong adhesive for your joint tube labels. Many don't realize that the standard adhesive won't stand up to a cannabis production environment along with the tight radius of the pre-roll tube. We use an ultra-strong adhesive meant for labelling joint tubes - these labels won't come off. 

close up joint tube labeling service

Tube Labels Tapered for Pop-Top Joint Tubes

We've designed our custom printed labels to match the slight taper on industry standard pop-top tubes! If you are using stock rectangle labels, you will notice your pre-roll tube labels are not even and will be applied slanted or with a slight overlap. Our custom die-lines ensures your labels will look better than ever. Your branding will look perfectly straight when we apply your custom labels to the pre-roll tube. 

joint tube label being applied to tube

Variety of Custom Label Finish Options

To further stand out, you have options from Glossy, Matte, Metallic Foil, and UV Touch. With full color printing on the label, you can put any design on the labels, and with these different finish options, it will make it look pop even more! We have a wide array of colored tubes and caps to choose from to perfectly match your branding and for enhance merchandising, talk with our team about custom POP displays!

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