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Works With:
Round Containers - works with hinged containers!
Time to ship:
5 - 7 business days
15 - 18 containers labelled per minute
Container Max Diameter:
4.3 in (110mm) diameter maximum
Container Min Diameter:
3/8 in (8mm) diameter minimum
120v standard plug
19 in x 16 in x 15 in
Machine Type:
Label Machine

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Canna Labeler Pro
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Canna Pro Tube Labeling Machine 

Labels tubes & jars accurately, easily, and at speed

The canna pro tube labeling machine will be the game-changer for labelling pre-roll tubes and jars at your cannabis manufacturing facility. Many of you experienced processors know the challenge of labelling pre-roll pop-top tubes. The difficulty stems from the small hinge on the container - many of the automatic and semi-automatic labelers that currently exist can label round containers like jars easily but are not able to label the smaller hinged pre-roll tubes. The canna pro tube labelling machine is made for labelling pre-roll tubes and is dually compatible with glass jars. The canna pro tube labeling machine can label between 15-18 tubes per minute - that is up to 900-1100 tubes per hour. Or close to 10,000 tubes per day! 


doob tube labeling machine

Increased Output

The canna pro tube labeling machine will increase your output from a manual output of 4-6 tubes per minute to an outstanding 15-18 tubes per minute. Think about all the money you will save when you cut your labeling time down from days to hours. Never get held up again by not having packaging ready!  Not only will you increase the number of tubes you label - but the labels will be adhered to the tube better, the label will be placed more accurately and you can add additional labels for extra branding or legal data. 

tube labeler machine

Label Tubes & Jars Accurately

Using the canna pro tube labeling machine brings your pre-roll brand to the next level by ensuring a professional finish on all jars and tubes which you label. The labels are adhered and secured well into the jar or tube. The label is evenly compressed by the blue rollers - so no more stickers peeling up. The jar or tube can be labelled with 2 labels - providing both a front and back label for the tube or jar. If you wanted to you could integrate your canna pro tube labeling machine with a printer - and add strain info, cannabinoid content, license info, and legal data. Batch by batch, harvest by harvest, season by season! 

pop top tube labeling machine

Backed by Warranty

The canna pro tube labeling machine is so amazingly durable and reliable that it is backed by a 5 year warranty. You will have to worry about your harvest, sales, employees but never worry again about labeling tubes and jars with canna pro tube labeling machine! Please Note: All Sales Of This Machine Are Final.