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We use our deep understanding of pre-roll science to bring you the best products. From developing superior pre rolled cones and tubes, to crafting innovative pre roll machines, and always-compliant pre roll packaging – we are your one-stop-shop to start and scale any sized pre-roll business.

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Our Story

We’re Harrison & Fredrik.

We started Custom Cones USA in 2017 out of our Seattle living room and grew the company into one of the biggest pre-roll suppliers in the industry.

We met while working at Amazon and formed a partnership with the goal of using our e-commerce skills and passion for cannabis to bring innovative new products to market.

We made a deep dive into the world of paper science and manufacturing and discovered the lack of expertise in the cannabis industry’s pre-roll segment, particularly when it came to rolling papers – which routinely failed to meet the strict quality and compliance standards of other cannabis products.

We decided to do something that no one else had done: build the most transparent and tested pre-roll company on the market. And when the quality didn’t meet our standards, we moved everything to our own factory.

We started selling customized pre-rolled cones and sharing our deep knowledge of pre-rolls to help our customers get a leg up on the competition. And when they asked, we started stocking bulk versions of our high-quality, compliance-tested cones.

Next, we turned our attention to providing support for every stage of pre-roll production, from grinding and cone-filling machines to pre-roll packaging and beyond. We even became the first B2B supplier of bulk pre-rolled blunt cones and multi-packs for the industry.

Today, Custom Cones USA is the most trusted source for pre-roll supplies, proudly partnering with over 16,000 customers across all 50 states and 47 countries, all from our warehouse near Seattle. We continue to lean on our deep industry knowledge every step of the way—all to help you stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market.

Turning knowledge into results for cannabis businesses

As seen in the Financial Times, Rolling Stone, and more! As seen in the Financial Times, Rolling Stone, and more!

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Launch, brand and scale your pre-roll business

Unrivaled Expertise

We take our role as the Pre-Roll Experts seriously. Our team is constantly researching new techniques and establishing best practices to create the finest pre-rolls on the market. As thought leaders, we’ve developed some of the highest quality paper pre-rolls, pre roll production machines, and compliant pre roll packaging options available.

A Promise Made is A Promise Kept

We always put the customer first. With a responsive, best-in-the-industry customer service team and an ever-evolving stock designed to meet the needs of any-sized pre-roll business, the biggest MSOs and LPs trust us, as well as small mom and pop farms across the country. Offering solutions at every level of production, we partner with clients to drive success of their business and the entire Pre-Roll Sector.

Top-of-the-Line Quality

Our products are designed and tested to increase product quality. Every one of our products is tested to the strictest regime for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials. Our rigorous quality control process ensures that every item you receive is made with the finest attention to detail and care. We also keep child resistant certifications on hand to make sure that any packaging we say is child resistant is certified to keep you in compliance.

Meet the Team


Pre Roll Cone Quality Checks

The Ops Team

Detail-oriented and future-focused, the Operations Team designs all our products, pioneering new filter options and pre-roll form factors to help brands stand out. They handle Quality Control measurements down to the millimeter to ensure Custom Cones USA offers the finest pre-roll products on the market. 

The Compliance Team

Our Compliance Team is the strictest in the industry and ensures that every Custom Cones USA product goes through the most rigorous testing regimen available for pesticides, microbials and heavy metals. All Custom Cones USA pre-roll products are tested at the finest, accredited U.S.-based labs and we have the compliance documents to prove it.

The Sales Team

Knowledgeable and experienced, our non-commission-based Sales Team is made up of Pre-Roll Experts with a deep knowledge of pre-roll cones, machinery, packaging and the entire manufacturing process. They are dedicated to providing the best products and advice to help take your pre-roll business to the next level.

The Warehouse Team

The cannabis industry moves fast and our Warehouse Team moves just as fast to make sure every shipment that leaves our U.S.-based warehouse is accurate and on time so you get the right products in the shortest timeframe possible.

Our Friendly Warehouse Team
Quiet on the set, please. We're filming.

The Customer Service Team

Our best-in-the-industry Customer Service Team has earned Custom Cones USA hundreds of 5-star reviews by always putting the customer first, responding to customer needs and requests and using their Pre-Roll Expertise and industry knowledge to help troubleshoot issues. 

The Education and Marketing Team

Comprised of Pre-Roll Experts dedicated to sharing first-of-its-kind information, best practices and tips, our Education and Marketing Team is constantly pushing the industry forward, doing independent research and experiments to educate and inform your pre-roll business, whether it's a mom-and-pop farm or one of the largest MSOs in the country. 

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