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Custom Pre Rolled Cones

If you are looking for custom pre-rolled cones for your pre-roll line or custom branded blunt cones to elevate your pre-roll brand, look no further than Custom Cones USA. We offer a responsive, full-service, and personal experience. We work with you through every step to make sure that you get custom pre-rolled cones as beautiful as your flower. From our 100% Organic Hemp Ultra-Fine French Rolling Paper, to strict Phase III complaint testing standard, we pride ourselves on the highest quality and most reliable custom pre-rolled cones. We are the factory, so we offer low MOQs, fast lead times, and we will help keep you in stock! We work with pre-roll brands in every state, LPs in Canada, and international brands from Switzerland to Jamaica. Companies trust us to help them create truly exceptional pre-roll product. We look forward to partnering with you! If you would like more information on custom cones check out our custom pre-roll cones buyers guide or contact a pre-roll expert directly below!


custom pre-rolled cones


Custom Branding Options

Custom Cones USA offers the widest variety of printing options for your custom pre-rolled cones. You can print directly on the filter paper or opt for a premium external wrapping. 4 color offset printing is included standard, however we can custom print your artwork in up to 12 colors! We also offer additional printing options like UV Spot printing, foil stamping, and embossing for custom branded pre-roll packaging. Let your custom pre-rolled cones fully match and represent your brand! We work with you to make sure your custom pre-roll cone design comes out perfect. If you need design help, our design experts can even design your custom branded filter tips for you! The minimum for custom branding is 4,800 cones or tubes.


custom pre roll filter tips

Custom Filter Tips

We allow you to totally customize the filter tip of your pre-rolled cones. You can print any logo or design in full-color right on the filter tip. If you are looking to have a stronger brand, you need custom pre rolled cones. Branded filter tips are a way to keep your brand on the top of the mind of your consumer. We offer free mock-ups of your artwork, so you know exactly how your custom pre-rolled cones will come out. Use your brand colors to strengthen your brand or color code each pre-roll in a multi-strain pre-roll pack!

custom branded pre rolled cone filter tips

Custom External Wraps

For a more premium branding experience, we can also add a custom external wrap to your custom pre-rolled cone, which is a custom band wrapped around the outside of the cone. This upgraded branding option is available on both rolling paper pre-rolled cones and hemp wrap blunt cones. Since our blunt cones are not transparent like rolling paper cones, we only offer custom branding on our blunt cones via a custom external wrapping or a custom cigar-style band.

custom pre-roll cones cigar bands

Custom Cigar Bands

Custom cigar bands for your pre-rolled cones are a really nice way to customize your pre roll. Cigar bands are fully customizable – you can change the width of the band and even the shape in the middle. As always, 4 color off set printing is included standard! The minimum for custom branded cigar bands is 4,800, however you can split this between any size cone, paper type, or even between half custom pre-rolled cones and half blunt cones!


Paper Types

We are proud to offer the widest array of paper types for your custom pre-rolled cones. We offer three different types of Ultra-Fine French Rolling paper, pre-rolled hemp wrap blunt cones, which are made from premium European hemp wrap, and palm leaf style cones and tubes. We only use the highest quality papers in our custom cones and tubes, all of which have been tested for Phase III regulations in California and Health Canada regulations in Canada. Our Ultra-Fine French Rolling Papers are the thinnest in the custom pre-rolled cone industry – don’t ruin your flower will low quality cones, made of cheap overseas paper filled with chemicals and fillers like chalk.

pre rolled cone paper types


ultra-fine french rolling paper cones

Ultra-Fine French Paper

We offer three types of our Ultra-Fine French Rolling Paper for our pre-roll cones; refined white paper, unrefined brown paper, and 100% organic hemp, which is a creamy tan color. Our refined white paper is also referred to as rice paper by other companies. This white paper is the cleanest burning and has the clearest appearance for custom branding, the white paper is the easiest to see through. For unrefined brown paper options, we offer unrefined brown and unrefined hemp paper, the 100% organic hemp paper is harder to see through for custom branding, so we recommend the unrefined brown if you want an unrefined paper type for your custom cones order. We use only the thinnest and cleanest burning papers from France. All of our standard paper grades are made from FSC-certified material, meaning it was sustainably grown and environmentally friendly, and we can provide certifications upon request. We have tested all our papers and inks for Phase III and Health Canada testing, the strictest regulations in the industry. All the raw materials in our hemp rolling paper pre rolled cones are certified organic.

hemp wrap blunt cones

Hemp Wrap Cones

Hemp wrap blunt cones are perfect for brands and customers who love smoking blunts. Our hemp cones are made from real hemp – no nicotine, so these are completely legal for recreational and medical cannabis markets. Stop buying retail packaged hemp cones and switch to bulk blunt cones, which are designed to fit perfectly in all standard knockboxes and pre-roll filling machines. Let us help you save money and time on your pre-rolls. You can simply order as little as 1 box of blunt cones off our shop or order custom branded hemp cones with either an external wrap or custom cigar band. We offer three standard sizes for our hemp blunt cones – 109mm king size, which is perfect for 1 gram blunts, 98mm ¾ gram size, and 84mm hemp cones, which are perfect for mini blunts. If you are looking for a 1.5 gram or 2 gram blunt cone, we have that size as well! We also offer hemp wrap tubes and if you ever need a custom size or filter, we are here to help make your pre-roll dreams come true!

palm leaf blunt cones

Palm Leaf Cones

Custom palm blunts are perfect for true pre-roll brands. Our palm leaf cones are made to standard pre-roll sizes, so they work in standard knockbox filling machines. Palm cones come with a corn husk filter tip, which adds a smooth cool draw to your smoking experience. Custom brand your palm cones or tubes with a custom cigar style band for a truly unique pre-roll product. Compared to our hemp blunt cones, palm cones and tubes have a stronger flavor. Palm cones and tubes are fully customizable in terms of cone size, width, and length so they are made to order. Expect longer lead times for palm cone orders. We have the widest variety of pre-rolled cones, the best customer service, shortest lead times, and best pricing. Reach out today!

Filter Tip Options

spiral tip pre-rolled cone

Spiral Tips

All standard rolling paper style custom pre-rolled cones and blunt cones come with a W style filter tip. If you are looking for something a little different, you can upgrade your custom cones to a spiral tip, which creates a unique look, blocks more small flower bits from falling through, and create a slightly different draw. Also, check out our Artisan style pre-rolled tubes, which come with a spiral tip standard.

filtered pre-rolled cones

Bio-Cooling Tips

Our unique Bio-Cooling filter tips resemble squishy cigarette style filter tips, however our Bio-Cooling tips are all-natural and environmentally friendly! The bio-cooling tip is fully biodegradable and as the name suggests, Bio-Cooling tips cool down the smoke and create a super smooth smoking experience. Bio-Cooling tips are available in all paper types and cone sizes, but the tip length is 20mm, compared to our standard 26mm filter in most other cone types.

glass tip pre-rolled cone and wood tipped pre rolled cones

Glass & Wood Tips

For a top of the line custom pre-rolled cone, stand out with glass or wood filter tips. All custom pre-rolled cones with glass and wood filter tips come with a custom cigar band standard. These premium pre-roll filter tips look amazing, smoking incredibly, and offer a unique tactile experience for your customers. The glass is perfect for ultra-premium flower brands that don't just want to release a standard pre-roll at a regular price point. The glass filter cone is a perfect way to show off that high-grade indoor flower. 

Custom Sizes

pre rolled cone filter tip sizes

Filter Sizes

Standard filter tips are 26mm long, but we offer 21mm and 30mm as other custom options. There is no additional charge for custom pre-rolled cones with 21mm filter tips, but there is a small charge for longer filter tips. If you want a totally custom filter tip, we can make your filter any width or height! Create a super fat filter tip to make a large blunt style smoking experience or a really long filter, to create a unique looking pre-roll or disposable one-hitter.

pre-rolled cone dimensions

Cone Dimensions

All our custom pre-rolled cones are designed to industry standards and will fit all common pre-roll filling machines. We have a wide variety of sizes from small cones to king-size pre-rolled cones to party sized cones! We offer cone lengths as short as 56mm and as long as 280mm. We can totally customize the filter length, cone length, and top and bottom diameters. We also offer a wide array of paper types like 100% Hemp, Hemp with Flax, Unrefined Brown, Refined White, and Hemp Wrap. If you are looking for pre-rolled tubes, we offer standard tube sizes and can make any custom sized tube as well!

pre-rolled cone capacity weight

Any Capacity

Full gram and half-gram pre-rolls too boring for you? Looking for a 1.5 gram or 2 gram pre-rolled cone? We can even make party cones to hold a full quarter or even an ounce! We can custom make cones designed to hold as little as 0.1 grams if you want! At Custom Cones USA, you can really do anything with it comes to pre-rolls. Not only do we offer custom cones, we also offer all sorts of custom pre-rolled tubes. Create a super long and narrow pre-rolled blunt or a short and fat blunt – or a long and fat blunt! The sky is the limit!

Custom Cones USA Difference

best pre rolled cone pricing

Unbeatable Pricing

Our competitors cannot beat our pricing. Show us invoices for custom pre-rolled cones and we show you better prices! Not only do we offer the best pricing, but we only use ultra-fine French rolling paper and super durable packaging, ensuring your cones are perfect every time. Our pricing is direct from the factory. Simply put, we offer the best wholesale pricing available on the market for custom pre-roll cones. We consistently beat invoices from other manufacturers. As long as the quality is comparable, then you are paying too much for your cones! Not only do we offer the best pricing, we also offer the lowest MOQs for custom branded cones, so you can free up more cash for your business.

low MOQ pre rolled cones

Low Minimum Orders

We offer minimum quantities as low as 4,800 pre-roll cones and you can split larger custom pre-rolled cone orders into multiple designs, which allows you to come up with colorful pre-rolled cone multi-packs. This means large or small, we can work with you on any pre-roll cone project. We even allow you to do a test order of 100 custom branded pre-rolled cones! Test orders take around 3 weeks and are not as high quality as the final pre rolled cones, which are printed via offset printing and die-cut. Also check out our custom white label pre-rolled cones, which are custom branded pre rolled cones that come in custom branded boxes. Custom consumer pre-rolled cone packs are perfect for sale in retail stores by life-style brands or in dispensaries, as well as a promotional product. There is no better and more unique promotional product at a trade than custom branded pre-rolled cones in custom boxes.

best pre rolled cones

Fast Lead Times

We offer the lowest lead time available for custom pre-rolled cones. We produce your cones in 4-6 weeks or less! Our competitors lead time is 6 months or longer. Free up your free cash flows with our business friendly MOQs, pricing, and lead times! Ask about rush services if you need faster lead times. We also offer free digital mock-up of your custom branded cones, in only one to two days! If you require physical samples, to test paper types or see custom branded examples, we can send out a sample pack of cones right away. If you need custom branded samples of your cones for testing or visual purposes – this process takes 3 weeks and price varies on the quantity needed. Also, keep in mind sample pre-rolled cones are of lesser quality and not intended for sale or use. If you just want unbranded bulk cones, we have the lowest wholesale prices.



Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can you do custom sizes?

Yes, we can make custom size cones. Any size you want for your cones, we will make it happen. We recommend 109mm for 1 gram sizes and 84mm for 1/2 gram sizes.

+ Do these fit in knockboxes?

Yes, our standard sized pre-rolled cones fit in standard knockboxes and work with traditional packing and filling methods. We also do custom sizes if you have your own custom knockbox or filling equipment.

+ Can I get custom branding on my hemp cones?

Yes, we can do an externally wrapped sticker on the crutch of hemp wrap cones. You can get metallic or solid color stickers with any custom printing.

+ Are the hemp wraps legal?

Our hemp wrap cones are made with 100% hemp and have zero THC. They are all-natural and food safe.

+ How much flower fits into a cone?

Our standard 109mm cone is perfect for 1 gram sizes. We also offer 84mm cones, which are great for half gram sizes.

+ What is the lead time for custom pre-rolled cones?

Usually around 4-6 weeks. 

+ What are your pre-rolled cones made from?

The hemp pre rolled cones are made from a hemp paper. The brown pre rolled cones are made from an unrefined brown paper. The white pre rolled cones are made from a refined white paper. The refined white paper is also referred to as rice paper in the industry. The misconception that rice paper is made from rice dates back to the 1900's where Europeans believed a paper coming out of Taiwan was made from Rice. Rice-paper is now a general term for various pulp based papers. 

+ What is the difference between the white and brown pre-rolled cones?

White rolling paper tends to have less paper taste and a cleaner smoke than brown papers - this is because the whitening process removes lignins. People theorize that lignins in the wood are what give Mesquite BBQ its' distinctive smoky taste.

+ What certifications are available for the pre-rolled cones?

All of our pre-rolled cones have two certifications - a quality certification as well as a food-grade certification. Further we have an FSC-certification for the rolling paper which verifies that the raw materials used were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. Our pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all our pre-rolled cones are traceable to the exact date and production line which produced the cones. 

+ Can I get a custom-sized pre-rolled cone?

Yes, we can make any custom dimension pre rolled cone you need. We can do custom cone length, custom crutch length, custom bottom diameter and custom top diameters. We can change the GSM of the rolling paper used, the GSM of the crutch paper, the style of filter and more! Just let us know what customization you are looking for and we will make it happen!