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Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

Wide Variety of Packaging Options

Custom pre-roll packaging comes second nature to us at Custom Cones USA. Our team of Pre-Roll Experts have worked with hundreds of brands across the United States, Canada, and even as far as Europe and South Africa! When it comes to pre-roll packaging, we offer a wide array of options, depending on if your state requires child resistant packaging and/or tamper evident pre roll packaging. Pop-top pre-roll tubes are the fastest and easiest way to package your pre-rolls, but we also offer glass tubes, recycled ocean plastic tubes, and other luxury pre-roll tubes like our Super Seal pre-roll tubes, which feature an automatic tamper evident seal. We of course offer custom pre roll labels and shrink sleeves at the best prices and if you bundle with cones or machines, you'll save even more! 

Perfect for Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

For pre-roll multi-packs we offer a series of wide tubes, which can accommodate anywhere from two to ten pre-rolls! Other popular pre-roll multi-pack options are our Push Packs, which are a luxury paper packaging option that is certified child resistant, and our CR Slider Box, which is a plastic child-resistant pre-roll multi-pack. If you don't need something CR, custom cigarette style boxes are extremely popular and affordable.  

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custom joint and blunt tubes

Custom Pre-Roll Tube Branding

Pre-roll tubes are the main form of pre-roll packaging, not only are pre-roll tubes fast and easy to seal, but they are also the most affordable pre-roll packaging option. Since most pre-rolls are packed in the same style pop-top doob tubes, you’ll want to make sure your pre-rolls stand out with the proper packaging and branding. When it comes to branding directly on the pre-roll tube, the best options are custom printed labels or custom shrink sleeves. Our custom pre-roll labels are perfectly designed for pre-roll tubes and the slight taper, which means your pre roll labels will look straight and professional every time. We also ensure only the highest quality materials are used, so your custom pre roll labels never peel off the tube. If you are tired of labeling tubes yourself - we have a custom label application service! Custom shrink sleeves are a great option, as you get full edge to edge branding on your pre roll tube and they are fast and easy to apply.  

pre rolled blunt and joint tubes

Custom Pre-Roll Tube Labels

Custom pre-roll tube labels are the most common and popular way to custom brand your pre-roll tubes. Our custom pre roll tube labels are specially designed to have a slight taper, which perfectly matches the slight taper on our USA made pre roll tubes. This slight taper on the custom labels will ensure your labels get applied perfectly straight onto the tube. We use a 2.4mil, white pearlized BOPP film with an ultra-strong adhesive - this material is meant for round containers in oily environments, so you’ll never need to worry about your labels not sticker or peeling off ever again! We can even do foil labels if you want a shiny finish or gold look, clear labels if you want a see-through section, and peel back labels, if you have a lot of required legal info to put on the pre roll tube.

pre-rolled tubes

Custom Pre-Roll Shrink Sleeves

Custom shrink sleeves are great for pre-roll tubes, since they offer full edge to edge branding. Not only that, but custom shrink sleeves also have a built in tamper evident seal! The custom shrink sleeve is designed to cover the entire pre-roll tube, so when applied, the top of the shrink sleeve covers the pop-top section of the pre roll tube. Our custom shrink sleeves come with perforations in the perfect spot for your customers to easily open the tamper evident seal and enjoy your pre-roll! Tamper evident seals are fast and easy to apply, all you need to do is slip the custom branded shrink sleeve over your tube and drop through our Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine - in a matter of seconds, you’ll have a fully branded and tamper evident seal on your pre-roll tube. Each shrink sleeve is custom sized to a specific tube size, so please check with us and make sure we design the shrink sleeve to your exact tube, as we offer all sorts of shapes and sizes of pre-roll tubes..

rolling paper pre rolled tubes

Custom Label Application

If you are selling thousands of pre-rolls a month, you know how time consuming and difficult it can be to label all those pre roll tubes yourself! That is why we offer our pre roll label application service. We use automated machinery to label the tubes for you, not only cheaper, but more precisely as well. Bundle your cones, pre roll tubes, custom labels, and the application service for the best prices in the industry and the most hassle-free pre-rolls you’ll ever produce. Not only do we label the tubes for you, but we can also help you with the label design as well. Our team of expert designers have worked with dozens of brands, helping them launch, rebrand, and sell more pre-rolls. Our label application service is available on all round containers, from narrow joint tubes, to wider tube for pre-roll multi-packs, and even jars for flower! If you are not ready for label application, we offer all the labeling machines you’d need to get going yourself on a smaller budget!

Custom Child Resistant Pre-Roll Packaging

Child resistant pre-roll packaging for multi-packs can be a difficult custom packaging project to tackle, as you need to figure out the right sizing, all the branding/artwork, and all the logistics/pricing. At Custom Cones USA, we make pre-roll packaging a breeze by having all the die-lines ready, the sharpest industry pricing, and access to our expert designers for custom packaging projects. The most popular child resistant pre-roll package we offer is the Push Pack, which is made from luxury paper stock, so it has a heavy weight and feel. The fact that Push Packs are made from paper also makes them much more environmentally friendly compared to plastic packaging options. Push Packs can be custom designed in any shape or style, whereas our CR Slider Box is a great off-the-shelf pre roll packaging option, which comes in two sizes. 

pre rolled blunt and joint tubes

Child Resistant Push Packs

Push Packs are a luxury paper box that has a child resistant sliding tab. Made from a heavy-weight paper board, your pre-rolls will be kept safe and your customers will be impressed with the luxury pre-roll packaging. These child-resistant multi-pack boxes can be made in any size and with a couple different customization options. You can have a plain open tray, add pre-roll divider inserts, and you can even add a special slot for matches, hemp wick, or anything else special you want to include in your pre-roll packaging. Full-color custom printing comes included for free and you can even custom print on the inside and every side of the entire box and inner tray! For premium print options, you can add spot UV and gold foiling. No matter if you are looking for a 3-pack pre-roll multi-pack or a 14 pre-roll box with 2 layers of 7 pre-rolls each, we can custom make any custom package for you! We even have pre-roll design services if you don’t have your own designer.

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CR Plastic Slider Box

Our Child-Resistant Plastic Slider Box is super durable and comes in two sizes, the 98mm CR slider box and the 109mm CR slider box. These pre-roll packs can come in multiple colors and you can even mix and match the outer box and the inner tray colors. We have the best pricing in the industry on custom labels and can create the perfect labels for the top and even the sides of these pre-roll multi-packs. We can also custom make paper sleeves, which perfectly hug your paper box, adding another beautiful layer of custom branding. For the inside of your pre-roll packs, we also offer pre-roll inserts, which hold your pre-rolls perfectly in place - this is great for when you consumer has smoked half the pre-rolls, the rest of the pre-rolls will still be perfectly held in place. If you need any help - we have a team of expert designers that can help custom brand these beautiful pre-roll multi-packs.

rolling paper pre rolled tubes

Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

Custom Cones USA is the leader when it comes to pre-roll multi-packs, especially child resistant pre-roll multi-packs. We also offer a wide array of child resistant tins, child resistant tubes for multi-packs, and other CR pre-roll packaging, such as our snap packs. Our Snap Pack is a child resistant plastic box that looks like a traditional cigarette box. We also have other snap back style pre-roll packs that fit 7-10 half gram pre-rolls comfortably. Additionally, we offer jar style multi-packs, which can hold anywhere up to 20+ pre-rolls! Even our child resistant pre-roll tins are customizable. Not only can you custom print on the outside of the CR tins, but we can custom make the inserts to determine how many pre-rolls per pack these hold. Pre-roll multi-packs are exploding in popularity - as the price of cannabis goes down, pre roll multi-packs have surged. When can customize any pre-roll multipack with custom labels, custom printing, and we have the widest array of multi-pack options to choose from.

custom joint and blunt tubes

Custom Environmentally Friendly Pre-Roll Packaging

We get a lot of questions about if we have environmentally friendly packaging options, and the answer is yes! We proudly do offer the widest array of environmentally friendly pre-roll packaging! If you are a sustainable pre-roll brand or if sustainability is an important part of your brand, we have you covered -- from our pre-roll packaging to our joint and blunt tube options, our pre-roll experts here at Custom Cones USA can help elevate your brand, without leaving a carbon footprint. All of our paper packaging options are made from all-natural, biodegradable paper and fully customizable to make your brand stand out from the rest! Along with our paper packaging options, we also offer child resistant recycled ocean plastic joint tubes and reusable/recyclable glass tubes with child resistant caps. 

pre rolled blunt and joint tubes

Custom Boxes and Displays

Custom paper packaging is the some of the most sustainable packaging you can choose from, since it can easily be recycled and you can choose a paper that is already made from recycled paper. We offer custom cigarette boxes, custom retail POP display for joint tubes or multi-packs, as well as custom boxes for anything else, like to cover a joint tube or jar of flower. We proudly print right here in the USA, ensuring top quality and fast delivery times, but we can also leverage our production facilities overseas, if you are looking for larger volumes and the best prices. Our pre-roll display boxes are a great way to stand out on dispensary shelves and these can be custom made to hold nearly any number and size of pre roll joint tubes. Our cigarette boxes can also be custom sized to fit any number of pre-rolls. If you want to add a premium touch, we offer spot UV and foiling, as well as embossing! Our team of experts is here to help figure out the perfect size for your pre-rolls and we even have a design team if you need custom design help.

pre-rolled tubes

Ocean plastic

Most plastic tubes, although recyclable, are made from new plastics, that is why we are so proud to offer our Ocean Recycled plastic tubes, which are made from plastic waste that is actually removed from our oceans! Best of all these environmentally friendly pre roll tubes are certified child resistant. These ocean recycled plastic tubes come in two sizes - a taller size for full gram pre-rolls and a shorter size for small sized pre-rolls or vape carts. The best way to brand these recycled plastic tubes is with custom labels. We have specially designed label templates to fit all our pre-roll tubes perfectly and our team of design experts is always here to help with any custom projects. If you are an environmentally conscious brand, these ocean recycled plastic tubes are a great way to keep your branding and company mission consistent. If you need a retail Point-of-Purchase display to house these tubes, our team can help you with that as well!.

rolling paper pre rolled tubes

Glass tubes

Glass tubes are actually the most recyclable packaging options, since glass is infinitely recyclable. Unlike paper and plastic, which breaks down over time and after many recycling cycles, glass can be continually melted down and formed back into brand new glass products over and over again. At Custom Cones USA, we are proud to offer the widest variety of glass pre-roll tubes. We offer a wide array of child resistant glass tubes, glass tubes with corks, and our course various colors and sizes of glass tubes - we even have glass tubes for pre-roll multi-packs! Bundle your glass or plastic tubes with cones for the deepest industry discounts! The best way to brand glass pre roll tubes is custom labels, which we have the best bulk pricing on and if you bundle cones, glass tubes, and custom labels - you can save even more money! The more you bundle with Custom Cones USA, the deeper discounts we are able to offer - talk to your sales person today about creating a custom bundle discount for you!

Custom Packaging Add-Ons

Are you looking to add more special touches to your pre-roll line? Here at Custom Cones USA, we offer custom packaging add-ons that will help elevate your brand and to keep consumers satisfied with your packaging efforts. One thing you can add to your pre-roll packaging are our humidity packs! Humidity packs are a great way to help keep your pre-rolls and flower fresh! Humidity packs work by controlling the amount of moisture in the air by either adding moisture or removing moisture from the air or the air inside your packaging. Cannabis will dry out over time, and there isn’t much you can do about it besides package your cannabis at the optimum levels, use air-tight packaging, and use a humidity pack to help extend the shelf-life of your products. You can also add tamper evident shrink bands to seal your pre-roll packaging. The tamper evident shrink bands are the easiest and most cost effective way to add tamper evident seals. In some states, it is required by law for your packaging to not only be child resistant, but also be tamper evident! Another way to elevate your pre-roll packaging is to add our pre-roll inserts! The pre-roll inserts are the perfect add-on to improve the overall look of your pre-roll packaging. The pre-roll inserts keep your pre-rolls in place -- that means that when your customer gets your pre-roll package, they get it exactly how you want your brand to be represented -- clean, professional and high quality! 

pre rolled blunt and joint tubes

Humidity Packs

Humidity packs are a great addition to any pre-roll package or jar of flower, as these little humidity packs work to ensure your cannabis is kept fresh and terpene levels remain high! We offer both Boveda humidity packs and Integra humidity packs - both humidity packs do the same thing, but work differently. Both humidity packs are able to either release moisture into your packaging if your flower is drying out or suck moisture out of your packaging - if for any reason your package is being stored in a too humid or damp environment. We offer humidity packs specially designed for pre-rolls, which can fit in pre-roll tube, as well as the larger size of humidity packs, which are designed for pre-roll multi-packs, jars of flower, and even pound bags of cannabis waiting for further processing or packaging.

pre-rolled tubes

Pre-Roll Inserts

Pre-Roll inserts are small paper inserts specially made to hold pre-rolls in place. We can customize the size, color, and number of pre-rolls per insert - we also keep standard options in stock, so you can easily order one case and incorporate in items like our CR slider box. Pre-Roll inserts keep your pre-rolls safe and secure, so you never need to worry about your customers opening your pre-roll packaging and seeing a mess of pre-rolls all over the place. Also, once your customer has smoked some of the pre-rolls in your multi-pack, now the rest of the pre-rolls will be perfectly held in place! Pre-roll divider inserts are a great way to take a stock pre roll package or tin and turn it into a luxury package on a budget!.

rolling paper pre rolled tubes

Tamper Evident Bands

Most states require all packaging to have some sort of tamper evident seal, so our tamper evident bands are perfect for pre-roll tubes needing that extra level of security. We stock tamper evident bands designed for pre-roll tubes in clear, white, and black - we can even custom print these tamper bands in any color and to have your logo on them as well! We can also custom print paper labels, which can be used to both brand your pre roll packaging and act as a tamper evident seal. All you need to do is wrap the custom label across the opening, so your packaging cannot be opened without tearing or peeling off the sticker. If you have any questions - our team of Pre-Roll Experts have worked with hundreds of companies across the United States and Canada, so we are always here to offer help!

custom joint and blunt tubes

Packaging Machines

Being able to properly seal your products is a vital step to the success of your cannabis venture! Here at Custom Cones USA we have a variety of solutions that we are confident will fit the needs of your growing business. We offer a variety of packaging machines to get you started -- Our Pre-Roll Overwrapping Machine gives you the opportunity to professionally wrap your pre-roll and flower products. This machine allows you to package in a cellophane overwrap for a tamper evident and secure casing over your product and our Pack Sealer Pro is a more automated version for companies looking to package more items! Looking for full branding options? We offer a Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine which can wrap your tube in a branded shrink wrap for an added brand awareness! We are also proud to offer labelling machines to label tubes and jars - we offer an array of machines from manual, semi-automatic to fully automatic tube labeling machines. These machines will allow you to easily improve your labeling process as you increase your volume from a few hundred joint tubes to thousands of joint tubes labelled per month - all with less effort and aches.  

pre rolled blunt and joint tubes

Overwrapping Machines

If you are using paper packaging, overwrapping is especially important. You have probably noticed whenever you buy cigarettes, cigars, or fancy teas - these products come wrapped in the clear plastic wrapping. This plastic wrapping is called BOPP and scientifically provides a superior moisture and oxygen barrier. This means it will keep moisture in your packaging, making sure your flower stays fresh and does not dry out, while keeping oxygen out, which also keeps your flower fresher for longer! Overwrapping not only helps keep your pre-rolls and flower fresh, but it also keeps dust and other bacteria out, all while creating a premium look and feel to your pre-roll packaging. An overwrapping seal also provides a tamper evident seal, so it really has so many benefits. We over two overwrapping machines, our start model and our Pack Sealer Pro. The main difference is that the Pack Sealer Pro is semi-automated, so it is easier and faster to use!

pre-rolled tubes

Labeling Machines

If you are labeling your tubes and jars by hand - stop and check out our labeling machines. Not only do our labeling machines work with any sort of round jar, but they also work with pre-roll tubes, even tubes with a plastic hinge! Our Canna Labeler Starter is a manual labeling machine that will help you apply labels easier, faster, and more accurately and our Canna Labeler Pro is more automated, allowing you to labeling even faster and effortlessly. Ask about rolls of custom labels as well, as we have the best pricing on custom labels for your pre-rolls and jars. If you don’t even want to label your tubes any more, we offer a labeling service, where we ship you the tubes pre-labeled already!.

rolling paper pre rolled tubes

Heat Shrink Machines

Heat shrink machines are similar to overwrapper machines, but the look and feel is a little different. Overwrapping is definitely the gold standard, but heat shrinking is often cheaper and easier. Our shrink sleeve sealing machine is perfect for branding your pre roll tubes with a custom shrink sleeve. All you do is drop the tube with the sleeve over it down the tube and it is perfectly branded in a matter of seconds. Best of all, shrink sleeves act as full branding and a tamper evident seal built in one! Bundle your pop-top tubes with custom shrink sleeves and our shrink sleeve machine for the best discounts in the industry!