Custom Child-Resistant Packaging

pop-top tubes

Custom Pop-Top Tubes

Plastic doob tubes are the go-to packaging for the pre-roll cannabis industry. You can’t go wrong! We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of companies on their custom tubes, so we can make custom sizes, print any label, and just about anything else you can imagine. Our custom pre-roll labels come with a taper, which perfectly aligns to the taper of the tube. This taper ensures your pre-roll labels are straight and perfect and an super-strong glue makes sure they adhere to the tube. We have several options to assist you in applying your labels. You can apply them by hand, of course, or purchase one of our tube labeling machines. If those don’t work, you can utilize our Joint Tube Labeling Service.

custom push packs

Custom Push Packs

Our Custom Push Packs can be fully customized to your specific design standards. Whether you are packaging a few full-gram pre-rolls or a bunch of Dogwalkers, we can deliver the exact size pack you need to fit any size pre rolled cone. The packs also come with a low minimum order quantity, which eliminates excess inventory and lowers costs. Tested and certified to be tamper proof and child resistant, Custom Push Packs provide regulatory compliance with a dash of sophistication. The backside features a discrete push-button tab that you push and slide down to open. The pack is made of sturdy, recyclable paper (2mm thick), which is a more environmentally friendly packaging solution than first-generation plastic.

custom pre-roll tins

Custom Pre-Roll Tins

Custom Pre-Roll Tins can be dressed up with any form of logo, message, or color scheme to deliver a unique package that calls out to customers with an eye for your brand. For example, you can splash the tin with your custom branding, as well as direct-print custom messages or additional product information on the inside. If you can think it up, we can bring it to reality in brilliant colors on your custom tin. Additionally, with our full-color, state-of-the-art printing process, we can deliver vivid designs that draw in customers and drive results. Whatever you want your tin to look like, we can execute your vision. For more details, check out our full suite of Custom Design Services.