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We offer a range of pre-roll packaging including child-resistant pop-top tubes, child-resistant pre-roll tins, glass pre-roll tubescustom cigarette boxes, and more! Our child resistant pre-roll doob tubes come in 116mm and 90mm sizes in a variety of colors like black, white, transparent, gold, and silver! We can help you label your pre-roll packaging with your own custom branding. Let our experts help you design a pre-roll package which represents your brand.  From custom pre-rolled cones, to custom pre-roll packaging, to the machinery to package your pre-rolls, we help you do it all at Custom Cones USA! Don’t forget you can bundle you pre-roll tubes with your pre rolled cones to save and you can even add on custom joint tube labels or custom branded shrink sleeves to save even more!

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Why our Pre-Roll Packaging?

Pre-Roll Packaging Types

1. Pre-Roll Tube Packaging

Pre-Roll Packaging Tubes, also known as joint tubes, pop-top tubes or just pre-roll containers come in a variety of sizes such as 116mm pre-roll tubes, 98mm pre-roll tubes and 90mm pre-roll tubes. We also offer our pre roll packaging tubes in a variety of colors – black, white, clear, gold, silver and more! If you want an eco-friendly pre-roll packaging option we have reclaimed ocean plastic pre-roll tubes – these pre-roll tubes are made with plastic recovered from the ocean! In addition to our plastic pre-roll packaging, our glass tubes provide a high-quality, eco-friendly and practical solution to packaging your pre-rolls. We offer 120mm glass pre-roll tubes with various cork tops in both standard width and with a wide mouth option. If you need child-resistant pre roll packaging, we also offer glass doob tubes with colorful child resistant caps, with all the necessary documentation on hand to keep you complaint!

2. Pre-Roll Multi-Pack Packaging

Here at Custom Cones USA, we offer a wide selection of pre-roll packaging options for pre-roll multi-packs, so that you can provide your customers with the very best. Whether you’re looking for a child-resistant and fully-customizable Push Pack, or a sleek and easy-to-open Pull Pack we’ve got it. Looking for a more durable pre-roll multi pack? Check out our wide selection of pre-roll tin boxes, offered in multiple sizes and colors stock and also fully-customizable. Or perhaps some of our sturdy Snap Packs! If you’re ready to show your customers multiple strains, consider pairing any of our pre-roll multi-pack options with these popular Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid branded cones to help keep everything sorted! We have everything you need to make your pre-roll multi-packs shine.

3. Pre-Roll Display Boxes

Custom pre-roll packaging, like our custom display boxes, are a great way to ensure your pre-roll product stands out on store shelves. Pre-roll display boxes are commonly referred to as Shipper Display Boxes, POP Displays (Point of Purchase), or Retail Countertop Displays. Custom Cones USA carries a variety of un-branded pre-roll packing and display options for your pre roll products. We also provide custom display options to ensure your pre roll packaging fits perfectly in a display custom printed with all your brand colors and logo. Common sizes of custom display boxes for pre-rolled joints are 15-packs (3 rows of 5 pre-roll tubes) or 16 packs (2 rolls of 8 pre roll tubes). We can also make any other custom size for you no problem! We make shipper display boxes for pre-roll multi-packs in cigarette boxes, glass tubes, pre-roll tins or any other style pre-roll packaging!

4. Custom Labels & Application

Want to make the labeling process even easier? We offer pre-roll packaging with labels already customized and applied through our pre-roll label application service, saving you time and labor costs. We not only print our labels to be the exact, tapered fit to our pre roll packaging tubes, our machines ensure your custom labels are applied perfectly. Our labeld tubes come opened, so all you need to do is slide into the pre-roll packaging and snap closed, saving your team hours! We also formulated our label adhesive to be strong enough to keep the labels taut against the tubes, ensuring that your branding stays front and center on your pre roll packaging and never peels off. We can also create labels for pre-roll multi-pack packaging, just reach out to our team of Pre-Roll Experts today!

Pre-Roll Packaging Compliance

Child Resistant Certificate

Custom Cones USA's adherence to obtaining child-resistant certificates for pre-roll packaging is of utmost importance, as it ensures compliance with the strictest regulations aimed at safeguarding children. By obtaining these certificates, Custom Cones USA not only demonstrates its commitment to responsible packaging, but also contributes to the broader public health objectives, assuring customers that their products are securely sealed and child-resistant. This dedication to meeting strict compliance regulations underscores Custom Cones USA's role as a responsible industry leader prioritizing safety and accountability.

Food Safe Statements

Providing food safety statements and certificates for our packaging, is very important for Custom Cones USA, especially for packaging that comes in contact with your pre-rolls. This commitment to collecting statements and certificates that meet the strictest compliance regulations not only guarantees the well-being of consumers but also safeguards the integrity of our products. By upholding these high standards, we not only prioritize health and safety but also demonstrate our dedication to producing top-quality products in the cannabis industry.


Custom Pre Roll Packaging


+ 1. What size pop top tubes do you have for pre-roll packaging?

Our pre-roll packaging pop top tubes are available in 116 mm, 98mm, 92mm and 90 mm sizes. We also sell wide and double-wide pre-roll tubes at 114mm for multi-pack packaging options, all with child resistant certification and documentation.

+ 2. Are the pre-roll packaging tubes child-resistant and compliant with safety regulations?

Yes! We offer child-resistant pre roll packaging tubes, with all necessary documentation to ensure you stay complaint.

+ 3. What are the customizable options for the pre-roll pop top tube packaging?

Our pre-roll packaging tubes can be customized with colors and labels to make your pre-rolls stand out from the crowd. Not only do we have a variety of standard colors in stock, we can customize a Pantone Color Match to meet your pre-roll company’s needs. Ask your sales rep about MOQs and lead times on special custom orders.

+ 4. What are the benefits of using glass tubes for pre roll packaging compared to plastic or other materials?

Glass tubes are considered a premium feature by buyers, helping your pre-rolls break through the noise. They can also provide a more air-tight seal, depending on cap choice, to keep your pre roll fresher. And because of their recyclability and reusability, our glass tubes provide a more sustainable option for your pre-rolls.

+ 5. Are there minimum order quantities of pre-roll packaging to buy online?

No! There are no minimum order quantity requirements on our standard pre-roll packaging choices.

+ 6. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases of pre roll packaging?

Yes! All of our pre-roll packaging choices are value-priced, so the more you buy, the more you can save. Talk to your sales rep for prices on pre-roll packaging quantities beyond those available on the website.

+ 7. How are the glass tubes shipped? How do you ensure the glass doesn’t break during transportation?

Our glass tubes are double-boxed with bubble wrap lining the inside box between the trays. They are also shipped with "Fragile" and "Handle With Care" stickers to notify shippers and better protect your glass tubes.

+ 8. What is the lead time for custom cannabis packaging with my branding and logo?

Lead times for custom cannabis packaging varies, but most arrive within 6-8 weeks (4-6 weeks for production and an additional 2 weeks for shipping).

+ 9. Do you provide dielines and measurements for designing purposes?

Yes! We can also do any size and can even create custom dielines for your custom pre roll packaging.

+ 10. Are you able to send samples of a pre-roll packaging option I may be interested in?

Of course! Custom Cones USA can ship samples of any stock pre-roll packaging items within a week. Additional lead times and a minimum order quantity may be required for samples of custom pre-roll packaging. Check with your sales rep for specifics!