116mm Tech-line Pre-Roll Tube - Black - Child Resistant [1000 tubes per case] Made in USA

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Certified Child-Resistant
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Slightly Air-Tight
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116mm Tech-line Pre-Roll Tube - Black - Child Resistant [1000 tubes per case] Made in USA
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116mm Black Tech-line Pre-Roll Tubes

Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes Made in the USA

Our Tech-Line Pop-Top Tubes are child-resistant with ASTM-certification to boot! They are In-Mold Labeling compatible, which turns a company’s branded label into a 3D model to produce the label as part of the polypropylene tube. This one-step process produces the tube, branding, and lid as one piece of plastic that is sustainable, cost-friendly, and easily customizable.

114mm black tube with 3 pre-rolls and humidity pack
3 pack 114mm black pre roll tube with lid open

Child-Resistant - Made in the USA

These Tech-Line doob tubes are child-resistant and ASTM-certified, so they are compliant even in strict markets. They are made right here in the US, crafted from high-quality materials to ensure a high-quality finished product. The pop-top maintains enough resistance to be certified child-resistant, while being easy to open for adult users. This keeps cannabis out of little hands, but easily accessible to the adults who use it.


116mm clear tubes scattered

Customizable In-Mold Labeling

The clean-looking branding options available for In-Mold Labeling provides brands with a flexible and fully customizable way to brand their pre-roll tubes with more shelf appeal than sticker labels. Choose from foil, matte, gloss, and more! Because In-Mold Labeling builds your label directly onto the tube itself, you don’t need to label them with anything except for variable testing data once they are delivered to your facilities. This saves you time and labor costs, ultimately leaving more money in your pocket. And because In-Mold Labeling is made of the same polypropylene as the rest of your doob tube to make the finished molded product, you never have to worry about peeling or fading.

114mm black joint tube bottom view

Variety of Colors

These 116mm tubes are available in clear, white, grape purple, blueberry blue, lime green, orange, gold, silver, and black to meet a variety of branding needs! All color options other than the clear are opaque, which makes them compliant in even the strictest cannabis markets. The 116mm size is suitable for full-size 1-gram pre-rolls.

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