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Made in the USA
Fully Customized to any Size or Stock Size
Paper Finish:
Glossy, Matte, UV Touch, Kraft Style Available
Paper Weight:
18 point Thickness
Coating Quality:
C2S (Double Coated)
Printing Type:
Offset Printing
All natural paper (Bio-Degradable)

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Custom Cigarette Style Boxes

Pre-Roll Cigarette Style Boxes for Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

With all our cigarette boxes, you have a choice between having a glossy, matte, metallic, UV, or Kraft as printing options, giving you another way to further differentiate your branding. All our boxes are made in the USA, with durable 18 point paper, and we use our industrial printer to do offset printing on all the boxes. You can put any design, with any information on the flower, on any part of the box. The offset printing makes the design high resolution and pop compared to other products on the market. We fully tailor the dimensions of the box to how many pre rolls you want to put in, making it easy. There is also an option to have inserts inside the cigarette boxes to have the half gram or full gram joints sitting comfortably for the customers. You can also lower your wholesale prices, with our package deal of getting cones, packaging, and any co-packing done together, in a one stop shop solution!

custom printed cigarette boxes pre-roll packaging

Full Custom Branding

The best part about custom cigarette style packages for your pre-rolls is that you can totally custom print on the entire box. Multi-packs are great to showcase all your different strains and keep customers satisfied with a wide variety of smoking options. Custom printing is a great way to set your pre-roll brand apart and educate consumers about your products.

eco-friendly cigarette boxes pre-roll packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Almost all pre-roll packaging is made from plastic, some of which is not even recyclable, but our Cigarette Style Boxes are a great eco-friendly option, as it is all made from all paper. If you are looking for a cost effective and highly customizable pre-roll packaging option that is also eco-friendly, look no further that custom branded and printed pre-roll boxes!

cigarette style box paper pre-roll multi pack packging

Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

Since the price of flower continues to decrease, multi-packs of pre-rolls have become extremely popular. Even for luxury brands, if you are not currently selling multi-packs, you are missing out on the fastest growing segment of the industry! Consumers love these high quality cigarette style boxes for their look and feel, as well as ability to keep their pre-rolls safe while on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What size do custom cigarette boxes come in?

You can fully customize every aspect of your custom cigarette boxes! Our stock options would be 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, and 20 packs. However, if you are looking for any custom size or shaped pre-roll packaging, we can definitely help. We can even include a slot in your packaging for a lighter, hemp wick, or anything else you want to include for your customers! 

+ Do the prices above include custom branding on the custom cigarette boxes?

Yes, the price above would include the fully custom branding on your custom cigarette boxes, though the above price is for a standard 5 pack of 98mm pre-rolled cones, if you have a different number or size of pre-roll, the final price of your custom cigarette boxes may change slightly. 

+ What is the lead time on custom cigarette boxes?

All of our custom cigarette boxes have a production time of approximately 3 weeks from as soon as your artwork is approved and submitted. They are all made in USA and the shipping time would be dependent on the shipping method you choose. 

+ How can I see samples of my custom cigarette boxes?

You can request a free 3D mock-up of your custom cigarette boxes and you can also order a sample of custom branded cigarette box. All you need to do is send us the design and deposit and we will make a totally custom physical sample!

+ Are the cigarette boxes air tight sealed?

No, cigarette boxes would not be air tight sealed, though if you use our overwrapping machine, you can then seal the boxes easily. You can also purchase the tear tape attachment for clients to open the box smoothly. This is exactly how real cigarette packs are sealed and how fresh tea is package/sealed as well.

+ What printing finishes are available for custom cigarette boxes?

You can choose between our standard finishes of Glossy, Matte, and Kraft, while there are premium finishes of UV Touch, Metallic, and Foil for custom cigarette boxes. 

+ Can I use custom cigarette boxes for cones or tubes?

You can use custom cigarette boxes for both pre-rolled cones and cigarette or Artisan style tubes! We tailor your custom cigarette boxes so that each pre roll fits no problem. 

+ Do the custom cigarette boxes come assembled or flat?

Each of the custom cigarette boxes come flat. They have perforations and glue lines made, so that it can be assembled within seconds.   

+ Can I do multiple designs within one run of custom cigarette boxes?

Yes! You can make multiple designs within one run, if you had multiple strains or a variety pack in store for your customers. 

+ Will you provide the designs for the custom cigarette boxes?

Each of our cigarette boxes have a specific die line template made to place designs on. We can offer our design services, where we can make a design from scratch, or you can place the designs on the template. 

1,000 Cigarette Boxes $2.12 per Cigarette Box
2,500 Cigarette Boxes $1.538 per Cigarette Box
7,500 Cigarette Boxes $0.445 per Cigarette Box
10,000 Cigarette Boxes $0.405 per Cigarette Box
25,000 Cigarette Boxes $0.279 per Cigarette Box
50,000 Cigarette Boxes $0.198 per Cigarette Box
100,000 Cigarette Boxes $0.161 per Cigarette Box