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Pre-Rolled Smoking Tubes

Pre-rolled tubes can mean a couple of different things in the pre-roll world! There are tubes for pre-roll packaging, like our child resistant pop-top tubes, glass pre-roll tubes, or our recycled ocean plastic tubes. If a pre roll tube isn’t for packaging a pre-rolled tubes can be the actual pre-roll, like a cigarette style tubes or our pre-rolled Artisan tubes, which are the same size and shape as a cigarette, but made with rolling paper and a paper filter. We also offer palm leaf blunts, like the King Palm style blunts. We have two styles of palm blunts – the Cordia leaf, which is the same palm leaf as King Palm, or the Tendu leaf, which is a lighter green palm leaf, which has a more subtle taste. We can also make pre-rolled tubes out of our hemp wrap, as well as botanical blunts like cocoa, sage, and goji berry!

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Pre-Rolled Smoking Tubes

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