DaySavers Perfect Pack - Pre-Roll Tube & Cone Filling Machine

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Perfect For, Machine Type, Output, Reduce your costs,


Perfect For:
Packing cigarette tubes or Artisan tubes
Machine Type:
Filling Machine
Up to 180 cigarette tubes per hour
Reduce your costs:
Increase cigarette pre-roll output, while reducing labor costs

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DaySavers Perfect Pack - Pre-Roll Tube & Cone Filling Machine
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Cigarette Tube Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Cigarette Tube Filling Machine for Cannabis and Hemp

Cigarette tube filling machines for cannabis and hemp all have the same issues - they were either designed for tobacco cigarettes or they were designed to fill cones. Cigarette tube filling machines designed to pack tobacco cigarettes work by compressing the tobacco and then shoving into the empty cigarette tube. The tobacco remains compacted and then expands perfectly into the cigarette tube, however cannabis is nothing like tobacco and when you compress cannabis, it sticks together, so these tube filling machines designed to pack tobacco do not work. If you have ever tried to pack your cigarette tubes using a knockCase, you will notice the cigarette tube shape causes a poor pack compared to the cone shape, which funnels cannabis down to the bottom as it fills. The DaySavers Perfect Pack is the only cigarette tube filling machine that was designed to work with cannabis and hemp. Instead of compression, the DaySavers Perfect Pack uses a screw method to perfectly pack the cannabis all the way to the filter end - best of all, you can customize the compression of cannabis or hemp throughout the cigarette tube!

cigarette tube filling machine for cannabis

Cigarette Tube Filler for Cannabis

The main benefit of using the Perfect Pack is that it was specifically designed to work with cannabis and hemp. Compared to other cigarette fillers and injector machines, you will notice right away how this machine operates differently and how that allows for a perfect, even pack all the way down to the end of the cannabis or hemp cigarette. The DaySavers Perfect Pack will work on both cigarette tubes and our special Artisan tubes, which were specifically made for premium flower.

cigarette filler for cannabis hemp pre-rolls

Cigarette Tubes Bundles

Not only was the Perfect Pack designed for cannabis and pre-rolled tubes, but we offer a ton of different bundles, so you can make more pre-rolls and save more money! If you have a large manufacturing line, you can bundle multiple Perfect Packs together to save or you can bundle cigarette tubes with your cigarette tube filler, so you can save on the cigarette tubes. You can also bundle tubes, custom labels, and other pre-roll packaging - we are your one-stop-shop for everything pre-roll related.

cannabis cigarette rolling filling machine

Increased Output & Easy Operation

There are a few ways to pack cigarette tubes with cannabis or hemp, but they are either designed for tobacco or many people are still packing by hand with the help of a knockCase. By switching to the DaySavers Perfect Pack, you are stepping past hand packing or knockCase assist packing to a more all in one solution. The Perfect Pack has a small footprint, but it outputs totally finished and perfect cigarette pre-rolls - no more repacking and tamping! All with a simple 1 button operation and simple compression knob, you will be packing perfect cannabis and hemp cigarettes in no-time.

QuantityPricing per Machine
1 - 24 $34.99 per Machine
25+ $17.50 per Machine
For higher quantity pricing, please Email Us or call (833) 582-6637

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does the Perfect Pack machine work with the longer artisan tubes as well? How about with slim palm wraps?

Rest assured, this pre-roll machine is a versatile cone-filler! Yes, the Perfect Pack works with longer artisan tubes as well as with our slim palm wraps.

+ Will this Perfect Pack cone-filling machine work with hemp wrap tubes?

Yes, the Perfect Pack will work perfectly with all hemp wrap tubes! 

+ Is the Perfect Pack an industrial pre-roll machine?

No, the Perfect Pack is not an industrial pre-roll machine and is not intended for professional pre-roll manufacturing. The Perfect Pack is intended for consumer or home use, if you use it 8+ hours a day for industrial pre-roll manufacturing, you will break your unit. We are developing a more industrial Perfect Pack to help fill pre-rolled tubes for businesses. Reach out to our sales team for more info or to learn what pre-roll machines might best serve your business needs! 

+ Do I need to clean the Perfect Pack? How often should I clean it?

Yes, you must clean your Perfect Pack pre-roll machine to ensure optimal performance and prevent it from gunking up or burning out. Each Perfect Pack comes with a cleaning brush, which is then inserted into the barrel to help clean out any built-up material. We suggest you use the cleaning brush after each use, to ensure the barrel does not get gunked up or clogged. Not cleaning your Perfect Pack regularly will result in the barrel getting clogged, which will cause the motor to burn out.  

+ Does the Perfect Pack Machine work with the longer 98mm Artisan Tubes as well? How about with slim palm wraps?

Rest assured, this machine is a versatile pre-rolled tube filler! Yes, the Perfect Pack works with longer artisan pre-rolled tubes and our slim palm wraps. Just insert the pre-rolled tube as far back as it will sit on the barrel and pack as normal.! 

+ Can the Perfect Pack fill pre-rolled cones?

Yes, the Perfect Pack can pack pre-rolled cones, though not as seamlessly as cigarette tubes. The DaySavers Perfect Pack works best with 84mm half-gram pre-rolled cones, but larger sizes can be accommodated as well. Just insert the pre-rolled cones as far as they will sit on the barrel and fill as normal. You may need to maneuver the cone around as it gets toward the top, to ensure it is filled perfectly.

+ Do you have to twist the ends once they are filled?

If you are ready to smoke right away, just pull your filled cone or tube out of the Perfect Pack and you are ready to go! If you want to transport your filled tubes or cones, it may be best to fold or twist down the tops to ensure the flower does not fall out.

+ Is the Perfect Pack refundable?

The Perfect Pack is Non-Refundable; all sales are final. This machine is recommended for small-scale prototypes and samples. This machine should not be used for large projects or mass-scale production. If the machine stops working or doesn’t function as it should after proper usage, you are subject to one free replacement.