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Cone Filling Machines

We offer the best commercial joint rolling machines and cone filling machines on the market. For the entry level Fast Fill, to the versatile King Kone joint rolling machine, we offer many other commercial joint rolling machines like the industrial cone packer 300 and Sluice Box. The industrial cone packer 300 is a market leading cone filling machine as it has full control over vibrational power and volumetric metering. Simply put, for the price you will output more finished pre-rolls with the industrial cone filling machine than anything else. If you are looking for versatility, than consider the Sluice Box MJ Pre-roll machine which packs both pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes! This is the first pre-roll filling machine on the market that has been specifically designed with our pre-rolled tubes. All you need is to purchase the pre-roll tube filling attachment along with the Sluice Box MJ Pre-Roll machine. No matter what commercial joint rolling machine you decide on, you can bundle it with cones and pre-roll packaging to save even more money. 

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Cone Filling Machines

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