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Metal King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine

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Metal, 3D Printed Plastic, and Injection Molded plastic
84mm, 98mm Standard, and 109mm cones. Custom attachments available for tubes, Reefer slim cones, and mini cones.
Machine Type:
Filling Machine
One Year
Can fill up to 169 pre-rolled cones per run.
Comes with:
Attachments to fill 84mm, 98mm Standard, and 109mm out of the box! Other custom sizes can be ordered as well.
Power Requirement:
110 volt
15 in x 15 in x 25 in

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Metal King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine
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King Kone - Cone Filling Pre-Roll Machine

The King Kone pre-roll cone filling machine is perfect for small farms or companies just expanding into pre-rolls. Unlike its 3-D printed counterpart, this metal King Kone machine is more solid and heavy duty, leading to better overall filling action. However, this model is still budget friendly, as well as extremely versatile and easy to use. This pre-roll machine comes with all the attachments, so it can pack half-gram 84mm pre rolled cones, 3/4 gram 98mm pre rolled cones, and 1 gram 109mm king sized pre-rolled cones! All you have to do is set up the proper cone filling trays, load the cones, and start filling the top tray with your ground flower. There is an adjustable knob, which will control how hard and fast the cone filling machine is packing. Once filled, just tamp to your desired pack and twist or fold the pre-roll closed! With a capacity of 169 cones, you'll be producing pre-rolls at scale in no time.

Works with All Standard Sizes

Made in the United States, the King Kone pre-rolled cone filling machine is design to work with all standard sizes right out of the box! This cone filling machine will work with the half gram 84mm pre rolled cone, the 3/4 gram 98mm pre rolled cone, and the full gram 109mm pre rolled cone. If you want to pack 98mm slim or reefer sized cones or mini cones, also known as dog walker pre-rolled cones, you will need to purchase additional cone filling trays.


Affordable Cone Filling Machine

Most pre roll filling machines cost upwards of $5,000 - well not this cone filling machine! Reasonably priced at $1800, you will save even more money by not having to purchase costly trays for every cone size. If you want to get started packing the most common sizes of pre-rolled cones, this machine is perfect for your brand or farm!


Bundle Discounts

With our bundle discounts, you can save even more money by adding pre rolled cones, pop top tubes, custom labels or anything else to your order! If you are just getting started, check out our start kits, which come with a cone filling machine, grinder, and pre-rolled cones! You can also ask about our label application service, where we custom print your labels and apply them automatically to your pre-rolled tubes.