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King Kone Starter Kit - Filling Machine, Grinder Plus $200 Instant Rebate and $100 Store Credit

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1,200 to 2,200 Pre-Rolls Per Hour
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King Kone Starter Kit - Filling Machine, Grinder Plus $200 Instant Rebate and $100 Store Credit
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King Kone Pre-Roll Starter Kit

Get the King Kone, Grinder, plus $100 in Store Credit!

Get your pre-roll business rolling with the King Kone Pre-Roll Starter Kit. Whether you are small farm or company newly expanding into pre-rolls, this kit gives your business everything it needs to efficiently grind and pack your product. This pre-roll production kit includes a Metal King Kone Pre-roll Cone Filling Machine and an Industrial Cannabis Grinder. This grinder provides a high-quality grind for the highly efficient King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine. Finally, the $100 store credit gives you a head start on any pre-roll cones you want for your brand. You can also bundle an industrial sifter to the order for additional savings. Spark up your pre-roll business with King Kone Pre-Roll Starter Kit.


Industrial Cannabis Grinder

The Industrial Cannabis Grinder comes with different-sized screens to help deliver the perfect grind and even burn for your pre-roll brand.


King Kone Filling Machine

Perfect for small farms or companies expanding into pre-rolls, the King Kone is budget friendly, versatile, and easy to use. It also has attachments, so it can pack half-gram 84mms, three-quarter gram 98mm, and 1-gram 109mm pre-rolled cones.


$100 Store Credit

The $100 store credit gives you a head start on any pre-roll cones you want for your brand. Our staff of Pre-Roll Experts will make sure you have all the information to make the right choices. They can also assist you with bundling additional products for even more savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What size pre-rolls does the King Kone machine make standard?

The King Kone machine comes with a tray to fill 84mm cones (0.5 grams), 98mm pre-rolled cones (0.75 grams), and 109mm full-gram cones. You will need to purchase additional trays to fill 98mm “reefer” pre-rolled cones, mini cones or “dogwalkers,” and a conversion kit as well as trays to fill pre-rolled tubes, like our 9mm or 11mm artisan tubes.

+ Does the King Kone machine come with a warranty?

This machine comes with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty through King Kone. 

+ Are the materials in the King Kone machine food-grade safe?

Yes, the King Kone machine trays were designed for safe contact with pre-roll products in mind, so you can have peace of mind that your end product will be compliant and safe for your customer! 

+ Can I get a custom tray made for use with the King Kone machine?

Custom Cones USA can provide custom trays fit for use with the King Kone machine. However, please note that lead times and certain limitations apply. Please reach out to our sales team for more details courtesy of one of our Pre-Roll Experts! 

+ How many pre-rolls can I make with this machine?

Yes, our standard pre-rolled cones fit in knockboxes and work with traditional packing and filling methods. You can anticipate the King Kone to output 1,200 to 2,200 pre-rolls per hour, depending on whether or not the operator(s) choose to take full advantage of the assembly line-like nature such a pre-roll machine paired with additional trays provides. The more pre-rolled cones that are loaded into the machine, the more output you can reasonably expect– meaning having a set process, as well as sufficient labor, are both of critical importance in order to get the most out of your pre-roll machine. Read more on this in our pre-roll cone-filling machine guide

+ Can I purchase additional trays for use with the King Kone machine?

Yes, of course! We offer additional trays at cost for our King Kone machine, and we even recommend them for the ability to get the most out of your investment in a pre-roll machine since the best output requires having another tray ready to go as soon as you take a completed set out of the machine that is ready to be tamped, twisted, and sent off for packaging and distribution.

+ What are the measurements/dimensions of the King Kone?

If you haven’t seen the King Kone in action, you may be surprised by the output of this small but efficient machine! With dimensions of only 15 inches wide and 25 inches tall, multiple King Kones can easily fit in plenty of industrial environments or you can start small with a single unit on a table! Check out the industry-leading cone-filling pre-roll machine, the King Kone, in action over on the Pre-Roll Experts YouTube channel.

+ How long does the King Kone machine take to ship?

We understand you’re ready to get your King Kone machine running ASAP, and we are just as dedicated to ensuring you receive it quickly! We can usually ship your pre-roll machines within one business day of the order, but this lead time may change depending upon seasonal or industry demands. Please reach out to our team of helpful Pre-Roll Experts directly right here for the most up-to-date estimate of delivery for any item we offer! 

+ What setting should I place my King Kone on to fill cones?

We recommend following the King Kone instruction manual, which advises starting the machine on a lower setting like 18 or 19 before adding a tray of cones to fill. The vibration/bouncing of the King Kone will not activate until the machine reaches 17 to 19 or so, at which point the operator can then adjust the dial to be faster or slower.