Fill N' Fold Starter Kit - Filling Machine, Grinder Plus $300 Instant Rebate and $150 Store Credit

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1 unit


Fill N' Fold Output, Grinder Output, Grinder Screen Sizes, Grinder Certification, Grinder Power Requirement, Starter Kit Included Parts,


Fill N' Fold Output:
121 fully finished pre-rolls in less than 10 minutes
Grinder Output:
1lb per minute. Continuous grinding system means no loading/downtime on the machine.
Grinder Screen Sizes:
(Included) Small: 4mm diameter, Medium: 5.5mm diameter, Large: 6mm diameter. (Sold Separately) Extra Small: 3mm diameter
Grinder Certification:
UL Listed
Grinder Power Requirement:
110V. Please note, if using this machine outside of the U.S. or Canada, a Plug Adapter and/or Step-down transformer may be needed to convert high voltage power to a lower voltage.
Starter Kit Included Parts:
1-Pre-roll Press Work Tray, 1-Pre-roll Press Tool , 1-Metering Tray, 1-Packer and Vibrating Base, 1-Bucket, 1-Tube Brush, 1-Catch Tray & Metering Adjustment Set of 2, 1-Industrial Grinder with 3 Screens, (Optional) 1-Cannabis Sifter with 1 Screen

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Fill N' Fold Starter Kit - Filling Machine, Grinder Plus $300 Instant Rebate and $150 Store Credit
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Fill N' Fold Starter Kit

Single Tray Kit

Get a head start on the pre-roll game with the Fill N’ Fold Starter Kit. Perfect for new producers or producers looking to expand their pre-roll lines, this starter kit includes everything a business needs to create top-quality prerolls. This pre-roll production kit includes a Fill N’ Fold pre-roll filling machine in your choice of size with one work tray and the industrial cannabis grinder. The Industrial Cannabis Grinder has a high-torque, low-RPM motor that provides a quality, consistent grind while keeping the temperature down to prevent cannabinoid and terpene loss. The Fill N’ Fold pre-roll filling machine has a powerful vibrating motor and a special folding/tamping tool to allow employees to easily fold over 11 pre-rolled cones at once to create a “Dutch crown” style top. This kit is available with or without the addition of a volumetirc metering tray. Plus, the $150 store credit lets you pick up a selection of pre-rolled cones to begin packing. You can also bundle an industrial sifter to the order for additional savings. Get your pre-roll business rolling with Fill N’ Fold Pre-Roll Starter Kit.

Easy Fill N' Fold

Industrial Cannabis Grinder

It all starts with the grind. The Industrial Cannabis Grinder’s high-torque, low-RPM motor keeps the temperature down to prevent trichome loss due to friction and heat and its three different screen sizes lets you dial up the perfect grind to create an even burn for your pre-roll brand. Made of stainless steel with removable blades for easy cleaning, the Industrial Cannabis Grinder will get your pre-rolls started the right way!


Fill N’ Fold Pre-Roll Filling Machine

With a power vibrating motor and special tamping tool designed to help tamp down the flower and then fold down the tops of all your filled cones at the same time, the durable Fill N’ Fold cone filling machine helps make the slowest part of pre-roll production faster and easier.


$150 Store Credit

The $150 store credit gives you a head start on any pre-roll cones you want for your brand. Our Pre-Roll Experts will make sure you have all the information to make the right choices. They can also assist you with bundling additional products for even more savings.

Frequently Asked Questions 

+ What comes with a complete kit?

The Fill N’ Fold pre-roll machine includes 1-Pre-roll Press Work Tray (specific to one size cone), 1-Metering Tray with 2 Metering Adjustment Plates, 1-Packing Base, 1-Pre-roll Fold/Press Tool, 1-Bucket with Lid, 1-Tube Brush, 1-Catch Tray, and 1-Scraper.

+ Is there a video demonstrating the folding technique?

Yes! Check out our Pre-Roll Experts in action demonstrating the Fill and Fold Pre-Roll Machine.

+ What is the warranty on the Fill and Fold machine?

The Fill and Fold machine comes with a limited lifetime full replacement warranty. This does not include malfunction due to normal wear and tear or damage due to misuse including exposure to extreme temperatures. This warranty is limited to a one-time replacement of all parts and/or accessories.

+ What material are the trays made from?

The pre-roll trays are made using high-quality food grade plastics, such as HDPE, Acetal, ABS.

+ How do I clean the Fill and Fold Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine?

The Fill and Fold Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and the included tube brush to get into all the holes if needed.

+ What size cone is this pre-roll machine compatible with?

Each tray used for the Fill and Fold pre-roll machine is compatible with its own size cone. Currently we offer machines to fill .35g 70mm cones, 0.5g 84mm cones, .75g 98mm cones, and 1g 109mm cones.

+ Which setting do you recommend setting the machine on for filling pre-rolled cones?

We recommend using the lower setting labeled “I” over the higher setting labeled “II,” as the higher vibration setting is strong enough that cones bounced out of the machine during our testing process. The lower setting will fill cones to the desired tamp without misplacing them and is the recommended setting of our Pre-Roll Experts.

+ What type of fold are the pre-rolled cones finished with using this machine?

The fold/press tool included with the Fill and Fold machine creates a flat-topped finish that, while not as complex as a "dutch crown" or "dutch fold," achieves a similar clean and compact aesthetic with only a fraction of the time and labor efforts as traditional methods.