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Cigarette Style Tubes

You will find here the widest variety of stock cigarette tubes made for hemp and cannabis. You will find many other cigarette tubes in the market made for tobacco - however these cigarette tubes have filters which are made for tobacco. Theses tobacco filters - have a tighter draw and higher level of filtration which is not meant for hemp or cannabis. If you smoke hemp or cannabis through a regular cigarette tube you will find the smoke to be light and airy. Overall it will not be a satisfying smoking experience. What you will need is the type of cigarette tubes we offer - the filters are specifically designed for hemp and cannabis and so the draw is not too tight and it does not filter out the flavor of the cannabis. We offer high-flow filters, we have biodegradable filters made from hemp and we also have a hollow tip filter for a zero-filtration experience. If you are looking to make premium hemp or flower pre-rolls - consider our artisan tubes as an option - these pre-rolled tubes allow for cool, flavorful hits. 

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Cigarette Style Tubes

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