Pop Top Plastic Tubes

Child resistant and excellent for locking in freshness, our plastic pop top tubes for pre-roll joints come in a variety of sizes and colors to help your pre-rolls jump off the shelves. The most common form of pre roll packaging for pre-roll cones, these pop top plastic tubes come in multiple lengths and multiple widths, allowing for pre-roll multi-packs of 3 and 5 pre-rolls to fit inside. These plastic joint tubes are available in colors ranging from clear to black with every step of the rainbow in between and can even be Pantone Color Matched (J Line tubes only) or customized with labels to pair perfectly with your branding. Available in translucent or opaque varieties, these doob tubes will keep your pre-rolls not only looking great, but also compliant with the regulations in your market.

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Pop Top Plastic Tubes

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Plastic pop top tubes sized for your needs

Our colorful plastic pop-top tubes come in a variety of sizes and widths to meet all of your pre-roll packaging needs. Available in 90mm, 98mm, 114mm and 116mm sizes and multiple widths, these plastic pop top tubes are perfect for any size pre-roll cone. Pop-top tubes are also available in widths designed for multi-packs, from double-wide varieties to special pop-top multipack tubes that fit 8, 12, 19 or even 30 mini “dogwalker” pre-roll cones and can also be used to package flower. And, of course, all of our pop-top tubes are child resistant to keep you compliant!

Customized Pop-top tube labels

Add your logo or other branding choices to your plastic pop-top tubes to stand out even further! Your logo and other branding choices have never looked better than they will when printed on our high-quality custom labels and placed on our plastic pop top tubes! Whether you are looking for UV Spot, embossing, foil or other embellishments to grab consumers' eyes, we have you covered. Our Pre-Roll Experts can even set you up with design help and will fit your label to a dieline customized for each of our products. Custom Cones USA is proud to offer high-quality, full-color labels that will fit your stock pop top tubes or other packaging, fully customized to your specifications. Call your sales rep today!

Color match your pop-top tubes

We keep more than a dozen colors in stock to meet all of your plastic pop top tube needs. From reds, blues and greens to pinks and purples and even gold and silver, our Pre-Roll Experts can help match a plastic pop top tube to your brand’s color scheme! Our J Line pop top tubes can even be Pantone Color Matched to ensure a perfect fit in with your other products. Call today to find out how.

Pop top tube display boxes

From classic, cost-friendly countertop displays to our premium wall-hanging, acrylic gravity displays, we have plenty of pop top tube display boxes to put your product front-and-center! Make an impact at dispensaries with custom inserts, custom branding, card stock and UV spot printing. Our eco-friendly paper displays can be fully customized with custom die cuts, colors, gold foiling and made to fit any type of pre-roll packaging! They can be tailored to fit any size and any number of pre-rolls. The boxes house your pre-rolls in a beautiful, vertical orientation with your logo, tagline and brand information towering over your pre-roll tubes. We can customize the boxes to any size specifications. Additionally, our premium print options can deliver any design so the box looks exactly the way you want.

Cone Sizes

Our Standard Cone Sizes:
  • 109/26mm - 1 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “King Size”
  • 98/26mm - .7 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone
  • 98/26mm Slim - .5 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “Reefer”
  • 84/26mm - .5 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “1 1/4”
  • 70/21mm - .3 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “Dogwalker”
Our Specialty Cone Sizes:
  • 109/26mm Fatty - 1.5 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “King Size”
  • 70/26mm - 3 Gram Pre-Rolled Cone “King Size”

Pre-Rolled Compliance

  • Heavy Metals
    Heavy Metals

    Compliance and safety testing always come first at Custom Cones USA! All our pre-rolled cone materials are carefully tested for heavy metals, from the rolling paper used in the cones, to the filter paper in the tips. Our pre-rolled cone factories are held to the strictest quality standards and each pre-rolled cone paper type has been tested to the most rigorous standards in Canada and in the US.

  • Pesticides

    Here at Custom Cones USA, we uphold our pre-rolled cones to rigorous Canadian standards, which test for 96 pesticides. These include all the pesticides tested under California’s Phase 3 compliance standards, which are the strictest in the nation, in order to ensure our cones are fully compliant. We can provide the Certificate of Analysis for all our pre-rolled products upon request and can conduct additional testing if needed, or specific batch testing, by request and for an additional fee.

  • Batch Testing
    Batch Testing

    All our pre-rolled cones come with batch labels, which help identify the exact factory and production line, as well as the date those cones were produced. This level of traceability allows our pre-rolled cones to pass the strictest regulations and avoid compliance concerns. We also offer batch testing services on our pre-rolled cone orders for additional fees, if you are working in the strictest international markets.



+ 1. What size pop top tubes do you have for pre-roll packaging?

Our pre-roll packaging pop top tubes are available in 116 mm, 98mm, 92mm and 90 mm sizes. We also sell wide and double-wide pre-roll packaging tubes at 114mm for multi-pack packaging options, all with child resistant certification and documentation.

+ 2. Are the pre-roll packaging tubes child-resistant and compliant with safety regulations?

Yes! We offer child-resistant pre roll packaging tubes, with all necessary documentation to ensure you stay complaint.

+ 3. What are the customizable options for the pre-roll pop top tube packaging?

Our pre-roll pop top tubes can be customized with colors and labels to make your pre-rolls stand out from the crowd. Not only do we have a variety of standard colors in stock, we can customize a Pantone Color Match to meet your pre-roll company’s needs. Ask your sales rep about MOQs and lead times on special custom orders.

+ 4. What color plastic pop top tubes do you have in stock?

We have black, white, red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, gold and silver, as well as clear, matte black and translucent green options. Plus, our J-Line plastic pop top tubes can always be Panton Color Matched to meet your branding needs.

+ 5. What is the minimum order quantity for Custom Display Boxes?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our custom display boxes is 500 units.

+ 6. Are your plastic pop tube tubes airtight?

Our J Line plastic pop top tubes have been lab-tested and are airtight. Our other plastic pop-top tubes are designed to be airtight, but have not been tested. We can also add humidity packs or over-wrap the tubes to further seal in freshness! Call our Pre-Roll Experts today to find the seal that is best for your pre-roll joints!