Pre-roll automation is much more than just filling cones – our team of Pre-Roll Experts offer automation from the grinding or milling of your cannabis, to the sifting, automated pre-roll production, and even automated pre-roll infusion, packaging, and labeling. We have worked with hundreds of pre-roll companies on scaling and automating their pre-roll manufacturing process. Through our years of expertise, we have forged relationships with the best equipment manufacturers and know how to put all the pieces together and can even help guide your SOP creation. You can trust our team to help you scale responsibly – if you are just starting out, we would never recommend full pre-roll automation and will guide you as you grow and scale your business. Reach out to us today to set-up a virtual or in-person demo!

Automated Pre-Roll Machines

We have seen and tested almost every automated pre-roll machine since the first one was ever released. If you are looking for complete pre-roll automation, our team of Pre-Roll Experts will walk you through all the considerations you should think about before buying an automated pre-roll machine and we have multiple options from multiple engineering firms, so you can trust us as we guide you through this process. We offer automated pre-roll machine options perfect for smaller operators or smaller state markets, to fully automated pre-roll machines used by the largest LPs and MSOs – to automated pre-roll machines that can actually automate a perfect dutch crown and even fully automated cigarette making/packaging lines that actually work with high-quality cannabis.

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Automated Infused Pre-Roll Machines

Infused pre-rolls are the fast-growing segment within the pre-roll industry. This automated pre-roll infusion machine works with any size or shape pre-rolled cone or blunt, no matter what pre-roll machine you use to make your pre-rolls. We can custom make parts, so you can infuse any type of pre-roll – even palm leaf or hemp wrap blunts. You can even infused glass, wood, or ceramic tipped pre-rolls. Automated infused pre-roll machines are perfect to scale your infused pre-roll production. We offer financing, a paid trial period, and in-person demos so you have 100% confidence in this automated infused pre-roll machine.

Cannabis Grinders /
Milling Automation

Pre-roll production all starts with the grind! If you mess up the grinding of your flower, you will produce poor quality pre-rolls. We offer pharmaceutical-grade grinding and milling technology that is perfect for scaling and automating your pre-roll production. We can even automate a cannabis milling system that grinds 300-600 pounds of flower every hour and automatically conveys that ground cannabis flower directly in your pre-roll machine. This means a human only touches/moves the cannabis once – reducing labor costs, but also mitigating any chance for contamination.

Pre-Roll Packaging & Labeling Automation

Packing the pre-rolls is the easy part – it's the packaging of pre-rolls that gets frustrating. We offer multiple automation solutions to help every part of your packaging process. If you are using an automated pre-roll machine, we can help you add secondary automation, which would package your pre-rolls into tubes or even multi-pack packaging. We offer pre-roll tube labeling machines, which are perfect for both pop-top tubes, as well as glass pre-roll tubes. And if you are not quite ready to buy your own labeling machine – we offer a label application service where we label the tubes for you!

Automated Cannabis
Sifting Machines

Sifting your cannabis is important, as a more uniform particle size will help create better packed and better smoking pre-rolls. Sifting can also help remove stems and leaf material, which will create harsher pre-rolls and less potent pre-rolls. We offer a range of cannabis sifters, which are perfect for pre-roll producers of all sizes. We can also help you incorporate a sifter into an automated line – for example, you can connect our automated GrindSizer 3 to a sifter, which can then be connected to an automated pre-roll machine.

Cannagar Automation

Cannagars are growing in popularity and they are very labor intensive to produce, thus why the command high price points in retail dispensaries. With our automated cannagar machines, you can now scale your cannagar production, while reducing labor costs. These automated cannagar machines can pack anywhere from 1 cannagar at a time to up to 3 cannagars at a time. If you really want to scale your cannagar production, we offer pre-rolled tubes, which perfectly fit cannagar cores, so you can just slip the core into a pre-rolled tube instead of hand wrapping with rolling paper of hemp wrap. If you do want to hand wrap your cannagar cores, we over multiple types and sizes of hemp wrap bobbin.

Infused Flower Mixer

With the ability to perfectly homogenize your flower and any concentrate, the FlackTek Infused Flower Mixer is a must-have on any production line that includes infused pre-rolls, the fastest growing segment of the market. The Infused Flower Mixer’s dual centrifugal action uses physics to combine flower and any concentrate – from kief to hash to distillate and even rosin – into a perfectly mixed composite ready to be packed into cones. Built in the United States, the Infused Flower Mixer doesn’t just coat your flower in the concentrate, but achieves uniform distribution and homogeneity, ensuring that the desired potency is evenly dispersed throughout the product, resulting in higher-quality and more potent pre-rolls. The Infused Flower Mixer can also be used to purge concentrates in a fraction of the time and without the heat of a vacuum oven.

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