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3 Rules for Hemp Wrap Care

3 Rules for Hemp Wrap Care

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Jan 18th 2023

Creating new and quality pre-roll products is all in the details. Each detail offers a unique challenge to your production process, and it’s up to you to find the best solution.

Using hemp wrap blunt cones in your pre-roll production is an uncomplicated way to bring distinction, expand your pre-roll offerings, and add a premium feel to your pre-roll brand. While it is simple to implement, there are a few things you need to know about hemp wrap blunts to make sure you get the results you want. Thankfully, the Pre-Roll Experts at Custom Cones USA are here to help!

Receive: Storing Your Hemp Wraps

When you receive your hemp wraps, you will notice that the humidity packs are not inside the package. The humidity packages ship separately because that is the best way to ensure that the hemp wraps avoid being over moisturized, which can lead to microbial growth. Any amount of moisture can cause degradation or mold, so it’s best to keep them separate during transit.

When storing for periods longer than a month, make sure the hemp wraps are kept in a cool, dry place. Compared to traditional pre-rolled cones, hemp wraps come with a higher moisture content and can absorb more moisture. If your warehouse is in a city that can get humid from time to time, this humidity can get absorbed into the hemp wraps and can cause microbial growth. The added water content gives the wraps their strength, so you will notice when hemp wrap cones dry out, they become weak and brittle. Dried out hemp wrap blunt cones will easily chip and crack during production and packaging, however hemp wraps can always be reconditioned to optimal freshness.

Revive: Reconditioning Your Hemp Wraps

Hemp wrap cones and blunt tubes need a little bit of extra care and attention before filling them with your product. Unlike pre-rolled cones and tubes made with standard papers, the hemp wraps are made of all-natural hemp pulp, which naturally dries out over time if left in a dry environment. This is good for long-term storage, but they'll need to get reconditioned before you can manufacture pre-rolled blunts with them. There are multiple methods to recondition blunt cones, which we’ll describe below.

We ship our classic hemp wrap blunt cones with humidity packs, so you can easily get your hemp wraps ready for production. All you’ll need to do is store them in a sealed container with the provided humidity packs. Custom Cones USA recommends allowing a minimum of 48 hours for your hemp wraps to re-hydrate, but timing will depend on the quality of your container and the prior environment the blunt cones were stored in. You can also add moisture by using a handheld steamer in a pinch, but this method could lead to over moistening, which could lead to mold growth. The best, easiest, and most scalable way to store and recondition blunt cones is by incorporating a humidor into your production space.

If you plan to produce a lot of hemp wrap pre-rolls, using a humidor is a great solution for making sure you always have enough conditioned hemp wraps for your production needs. Humidors also need to be conditioned before you use them. A week before you plan to fill the humidor, place humidity packs inside and allow them to bring the environment and wood construction to an ideal humidity.

Hemp wraps can dry out quickly, so it is ideal to use them immediately after you remove them from their humidity-controlled environment. Thankfully, if you accidentally leave some out and they get too dry, all you must do is put them back into the tub/bin/humidor. For this reason, it is advisable to work in smaller batches than the regular paper products. For example, if you pull out a tower box of 800 blunt cones and only use half the box before a lunch break, the rest of the cones should be returned to the tub or humidor. If someone forgets, it is suggested to grab a new box and wait for the original box to recondition for at least a couple hours.

The time to re-hydrate may vary depending on the moisture content of the product at the time of production and the environment you are operating in. States like Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado can be very dry, whereas states like Florida or coastal areas in Washington, Oregon, and California can be quite humid. Some products may need more than 48 hours to achieve the proper moisture level for packing. It is recommended to test out the product before proceeding to order a large quantity. It is simple to evaluate a blunt cone – just check how easy it is to fold the tops. If they easily crack, they can be better reconditioned to mitigate cracking.

As for the moisture packs, it is important to remember that they have a limit to their effectiveness. When the contents inside the humidity pack become hard, it is time to replace them. The old packs can be disposed of normally, as they do not contain any harmful chemicals and are FDA-compliant. Keep in mind some brands of humidity packs do not get hard when their active ingredients run out, so keep this in mind!

All the above details and care instructions are most pertinent to our classic hemp wrap blunt cones, which are made with the traditional hemp wraps you know and love. To solve the problem of cracking and dry blunts, we have specially created and formulated a new type of hemp wrap we call “Hybrid” hemp wrap. Our special Hybrid Hemp Wrap blunts are less prone to drying out and cracking due to the unique manufacturing process. Hybrid hemp wraps can still become over moisturized, leading to microbial growth, but they do not dry out and crack nearly as easily. Both our classic hemp wraps and hybrid hemp wraps are extremely popular and it mostly comes down to personal preference to gauge what you will like better or worse.

Retain: Enjoying the Finished Product

Now that you’ve put all that extra care into your hemp wraps, it’s time to make sure that your customers experience your efforts! Like we mentioned above, hemp wraps will dry out quickly. This can happen during production, but it can also happen after the pre-roll has been packaged.

To avoid giving customers a pre-roll that produces a harsh smoking experience, some producers are choosing to include humidity packs inside the packaging. This ensures that every customer gets a premium experience and that your pre-rolls keep flying off the shelves.

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