Custom Push Packs

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Inner, Slider, Printing Type, Eco-Friendly,


Empty, 5 Pre-Rolls, or Match Slot
Rubber Slider Button
Printing Type:
All Natural Paper

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three variations of the push pack. Divider insert, standard, and then match-slot insert

Custom Push Packs

Custom Push Packs for Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

The Push Pack is an ideal package for those that are looking to make pre-roll multi-packs in sturdy, durable, eco-friendly packaging. You can completely customize the printing on the push pack to reflect your branding; this includes custom printing on the sliders! The capacity of the standard styles ranges from five to seven pre-rolls, but we can alter the dimensions to suit all of your needs. Most customers choose a to stick with the standard CMYK printing, but you can enhance your package with many of our premium options including embossing, UV coating, foiling, and custom rubber slider colors.

Custom branded push pack with match slot insert

Full Custom Branding

The Push Pack comes standard with full CMYK printing, allowing your brand identity to shine through. Since it's custom printed, you're able to ultilize the entire package to educate consumers about your product, attach your UPCs and regulatory graphics, and add whatever design elements you need. The possibilities are endless!

The backside of the push pack, which has a rubber slider and the custom add-ons listed

Rubber Slider

In order to open the package, you need to press in on the rubber slider on the back, and then push the inner outward. This adds a layer of security to the package, keeping the inner in when it should be. While it comes standard in black, you're able to customize the color if you desire.

Push pack inner with the 5-pre-roll divider insert. Has possible text spots on it with a cone pattern

Multiple Insert Options

For the inner, you have multiple insert options to enhance your packaging. Currently, we offer a standard, empty inner, a 5-pre-roll divider insert, and a match slot insert. We also offer the option to place a strike strip on the outward facing edge of the inner, allowing you to provide a full experience for your customers!