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Pre-Rolled Cones Sample Pack

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What's Inside, Perfect for, White or Brown?, Knockbox Compatibility,


What's Inside:
At least 2 samples of each size and paper type with custom branded examples.
Perfect for:
Seeing the quality of our paper and custom branding.
White or Brown?:
See how custom branded examples look in both the white and brown paper type.
Knockbox Compatibility:
Our pre-rolled cones are designed to fit perfectly in all standard knockboxes, but double check fit with a sample pack.

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Pre-Rolled Cones Sample Pack
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Product Sample Packs from Custom Cones USA

Want to try before you buy? Get a Custom Cones USA sample pack!

At Custom Cones USA, we have so many different pre-roll materials, shapes, sizes, and types that you might be a bit unsure about which products to buy in bulk. Sample packs are the perfect remedy! Get your hands on luxurious hemp wrap cones or test different sizes in your filling machines to determine which is best for you. You can even have some of our top-of-the line packaging types sent to you, so you can see how the pre-rolls fit together with packaging.

Pre-Roll Size: Sample packs come with a couple of every size cone or tube - 109mm for 1 gram pre-rolls, 98mm for 3/4 gram pre-rolls, 98mm Slim for a long and skinny half-gram pre-roll, and 84mm for the standard, short half-gram pre-roll. The size of your pre-roll is critical because they need to be compatible with your filling machine, as well as your packaging.

Paper Type: We pride ourselves on our pre-roll materials selection. Our paper cones and tubes are made with finest European paper, while our hemp wrap cones are made with all-natural, pesticide free hemp products.

Custom Samples: Our samples are based on the availability of the ready-to-purchase product live on the Custom Cones USA website. If we are ever out of stock of a specific sample item, a sales associate will reach out to you with a replacement option. We cannot send samples of custom work because they are often not available in our warehouse. If you want a sample pack that is custom in any way, please mention it in the order notes or you can reach out to one of our sales associates.

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Paper Cone Sample Pack

Featuring a couple cones in each size in refined white and unrefined brown paper, the paper cones sample pack gives you the best cone assortment Custom Cones USA has to offer.

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Paper Tube Sample Pack

Paper tubes are most often 84mm long but come with a variety of different filter types. Check out all the styles and types and how they match with your product with your tube sample pack.

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Hemp Wrap Blunt Cone Sample Pack

Our hemp wrap blunts are smooth and even burning. The all-natural hemp material aligns itself with cannabis because it is made from the same plant.