Despite our name being Custom Cones USA, we sell much more than just pre-rolled cones! We also sell pre-rolled tubes, hemp blunt cones, specially designed grinders, pre-rolled cone packers, and the best pre-roll packaging. We offer the widest variety of paper types for our pre rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes - we offer Ultra-Fine French rolling paper in unrefined brown, refined white, and 100% organic hemp rolling paper. If you want to try some of our more premium paper options, check out our hemp wrap blunt cones or custom palm leaf cones. In regards to customization options, the sky is the limit! Besides picking from all our paper types, we offer full-color printing on the filter tip of your pre rolled cones. You can also upgrade to a custom external wrap or cigar band around the outside of the filter tip. We can customize any size cone you want and you can also customize the filter tip to many different styles. For more information on custom pre-rolled cones or pre rolled tubes, click here! We are purely B2B, so we have the lowest wholesale pricing!

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