Wholesale pricing, especially on your packaging components is crucial for any growing business. If you are a pre-roll brand, pre-roll manufacturer, or pre roll co-packer looking for bulk, wholesale pricing on your pre rolled cones, doob tubes, or packaging - Custom Cones USA is your all-in-one solution to help grow and scale your business. 

Compared to our competitors, we are factory direct, so we offer the lowest wholesale pricing in the industry! We produce all our pre-rolled cones, hemp wrap blunt cones, palm blunts, and pre-rolled tubes on-site in our ISO-9001 certified factory. Our factory-direct relationship allows us to bring our wholesale pricing directly to our business customers. We only sell to business, so you can rest assured that the pricing on our site or in our catalog is our best wholesale pricing! No need to log-in or call for special pricing - we strive to offer the best wholesale prices to all our customers. Of course, if you are looking for pricing on large custom orders or bulk pricing on hundreds of boxes of wholesale pre-rolled cones, our mission is to work with our customers to meet their business goals. 

Wholesale pricing on our unbranded, bulk pre-rolled cones is visible directly on each product page. We have all our wholesale pre rolled cones priced out to 40+ boxes. If you are looking for deeper wholesale pricing, the next quantity break is at 100+ boxes, so please reach out to us for special wholesale pricing on orders about 100 boxes of pre-rolled cones for unbranded, bulk cones. We have wholesale pricing on our custom branded cones priced out to 1,000,000 custom pre-rolled cones! If you are ordering one million or more pre-rolled cones and need special wholesale quotes on large custom orders, we have many ways to help save you money!

In addition to wholesale pre-rolled cones and wholesale custom branded pre rolled cones, we also offer wholesale blunt cones, wholesale doob tubes, and wholesale pre-roll packing. To learn more about all the different ways Custom Cones USA can help you save money with our deep wholesale discounts, please check out the below product categories for more information.


Bulk Pre-Rolled Cones

Professional wholesale pricing for professional pre-roll businesses

Businesses trust us due to our deep pre-roll knowledge, exceptional product offering, and unparalleled customer support. We specialize in pre-rolled cones, so whether you are a Canadian LP, completely new to the industry, or a multi-state operator our team of experts will learn about your pre-roll business, pre-roll needs, and work with you on the product, machine, packaging, or solution that's 100% right for your business and your customers. Whatever you need unbranded, bulk pre rolled cones at the best wholesale prices or totally custom pre rolled cones, we are your pre-roll experts!

wholesale pre rolled cone types
wholesale pre rolled cones

Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cones 

Since every component of your pre-roll packaging adds to your final product cost, it is crucial to buy your pre-rolled cones direct from a wholesale manufacturer. We offer our bulk pre-rolled cones in three main paper types - refined white, unrefined brown, and 100% organic hemp. All of our rolling paper is Ultra-Fine French Rolling paper. We manufacture our pre-rolled cones in all of the four main cone sizes - 109mm for 1 gram pre-rolls, 98mm for 3/4 gram pre-rolls, 98mm reefer or slim for skinny half gram pre rolls, and 84mm for the classic half gram pre-roll. All of our standard pre-rolled cone sizes are guaranteed to fit in all standard knockboxes and if you need a custom sized pre-rolled cone, that is no problem.

wholesale palm leaf blunts

Wholesale Plam Leaf Blunts 

Our wholesale palm leaf blunts are a much more economical for a pre-roll business than buying King Palms, even if you are buying wholesale King Palms! Compared to King Palms wholesale pricing, we are cheaper, plus our palm leaf tubes come unbranded. Stop confusing customers or promoting another brand with our wholesale, bulk palm leaf blunt tubes. You can even add your own custom branding to your palm blunts!

wholesale blunt cones

Wholesale Blunt Cones 

Our wholesale blunt cones are made from natural hemp and contain zero nicotine, so they are legal and fully compliant in all recreational markets. If you are buying blunt cones from anyone else, make sure you are buying the best blunt cones, made from real hemp, and at the best wholesale prices. Our hemp wrap blunt cones are available in half gram sizes, full gram sizes, and even 1.5 gram blunt cone sizes! In addition to wholesale blunt cone collection, we also offer wholesale palm blunt tubes, exactly like King Palm blunts, but at cheaper wholesale prices, with no branding at all - you can even add your own custom branding!


Wholesale Pre-Roll Packaging

Pre-roll packaging at the best wholesale rates

Everyone knows it's whats on the inside that counts, but your packaging is the first thing a customer is going to see, so it's important to have pre roll packaging that is not only compliant, but beautiful. Since all of our customers are pre-roll brands, we are able to offer you the best wholesale pricing in the industry. We leverage the size and scale of all our customers to bring our overall costs to the lowest wholesale levels in the industry! When it comes to wholesale doob tubes, wholesale child-resistant pre roll packaging, wholesale cigarette boxes, and even custom pre roll packaging - we do it all!

wholesale pre roll packaging
wholesale doob tubes

Wholesale Joint Tubes

Joint tubes, pop top tubes, doob tubes, pre-roll tubes - whatever you call them, child resistant tubes are the most economical way to package your pre-rolls. When it comes to wholesale pop top tubes, only two things matter - quality and price. If you are looking for the cheapest wholesale doob tubes, be careful of poor quality, foreign made tubes. You'll notice cheap tubes are not always child safe, so this is a huge compliance risk that could cost you your business. Additionally, cheap tubes are often bent and crooked, which will make labeling harder and your packaging look cheap in a display case. All out doob tube are proudly made here in the USA, so you never need to worry about quality. And since all our customers are buying tens of thousands of tubes each, we are able to offer you the best wholesale prices.

wholesale custom cigarette boxes

Wholesale Cigarette Boxes

Pre-roll multi packs are the future! As the price of flower goes down and pre-roll automation pushes pre-roll prices down further, pre-roll multi-packs become more and more economical. There is no classier way to package your pre-rolls than in a cigarette box. We have stock sizes of cigarette boxes to hold all sizes and number of pre-rolls, so we can work with you on the best wholesale cigarette boxes for joints!

wholesale custom pre roll packaging

Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

Our If you are looking for totally unique pre-roll packaging, we can work with you and your brand to make your dreams come true. With our in-depth experience in pre-rolls and wholesale packaging, we will help your brand look its best. Our custom packaging facility can work on any custom packaging concept and our wholesale rates are second to none!