Wholesale Palm Leaf Blunts

Now with the introduction of our new Palm Leaf Blunt wraps, we can offer the wholesale pricing in the industry! From our own Washington state based warehouse, we can send our wholesale palm leaf blunts across the country and Canada, and are able to scale to the millions! All our palm leaves are complaint in any market and do not carry any tobacco. Businesses know and trust the Custom Cones USA name in the industry as a leading provider of wholesale pre-rolled cones. Not only do we offer unbranded, bulk palm leaves but we also specialize in wholesale custom branded palm leaves. The most important factors when it comes to palm leaves are leaf freshness, eco-friendly filter options, and lowest whole sale pricing when your business has scaled!

  • Ensured Freshness - Every palm leaf is packaged with Boveda packs to make sure it arrives 100% fresh. Our palm leaves are hand picked and rolled by the highest quality Borges leaves on the market. Each one is light green showing how we carefully cultivate, roll, and protect the leaves from start to finish. Our leaves come in boxes of 200 and every single one is guaranteed to come fresh and ready to be packed!
  • Eco-Friendly - All brands are able to market this new pre rolled option with an 100% organic palm leaf. Our corn husk filter is bio-degradable and has amazing air flow, allowing the flower inside to make amazing clouds. The palm leaves also do not use any gum or have any additives. They are complaint to be sold in any markets and are the healthy option to many smoking products currently out. Once your clients get a puff of the palm leaf blunt wrap, they will find their alternative too any tobacco blunt!
  • Wholesale pricing - No longer does you business have to pay high amounts to have palm leaves in stock. No long does your business have to advertise for another company. With our unbranded palm leaves, you can finally get a white label option to add to your product lines. We also allow all our customers to be able to fully customize the cigar band, with their own logos, shapes, and color waves. Now there is a real opportunity to enter the Palm Leaf market as you can finally enter the game as a B2B business. With everyday low wholesale prices, you don’t need to waste time emailing or calling us for wholesale rates - our wholesale pricing is listed directly on our site in our store. Another blunt style option is our hemp wrap blunt cones