Wholesale Cigarette Boxes

As we increase our packaging options, we can now offer the best wholesale pricing on custom cigarette boxes in the industry! With our growing expertise, we have seen that the cigarette style packaging is the sleekest look, and we have tailored each box to fit the perfect amount of joints. We can customize the dimensions of the boxes, and you can put your whole branding on the box! Our high grade 18 point C2S (double coated) material is the best on the market and able to last your customers the whole duration of their pack life. You can make your box have a glossy, matte, or soft touch finish! Multi-packs can also be split designed, giving you multiple options to advertise your products on the shelf. You can also use your custom branded joints to place into your boxes, and we facilitate the co-packer relationship, making Custom Cones USA a stop solution for all pre roll packaging needs and pre-rolled cones.  We advise that the most important factors when it comes to custom cigarette boxes is durable paper material, full customization on the whole box,  and lowest wholesale pricing when your business has scaled!

  • 18pt Durable Paper Grade - While there are many styles for cigarette boxes, one thing holds true: the paper quality of the box defines the perception your customers will get from you. We have went with the perfect paper thickness of 18 pt to have all our cigarette boxes be able to withstand all transportation. Our boxes also come with double sided coating (C2S VS. C1), while provides the most smoothes texture and allows you to choose between a glossy vs. matte finish. With our specifications, it is extremely easy to reopen the boxes each time, and is perfect for on the go transportation in your pocket!
  • Full Customization- As we have seen many customers have many ideas, we offer you an opportunity to have a cigarette box of any dimension. We also have the die line template of our stock 5 and 10 pack size, with can fit any size of our cones! You can do any color design on the cigarette box and also place the full information on the back to make sure you meet regulation. With our offset printing, the designs on the boxes never looked clearer and high resolution!
  • Wholesale pricing - Looking for a premium packaging option without having to pay luxury amounts? Our custom cigarette boxes have the lowest prices in the industry and allow your business to start small and then scale to the millions of packages. We also can offer the blank cigarette boxes if you want to start even smaller scale to acquire customers. Here at Custom Cones USA our goal is to offer our expertise, lowest prices, and ability for growers/brands around the world to be able to be proud of what they have built! With everyday low wholesale prices, you don’t need to waste time emailing or calling us for wholesale rates - our wholesale pricing is listed directly on our site in our store