Wholesale Joint Tubes

With our entrance into the pre-roll packaging space, we can now offer the wholesale pricing in the industry! In order to ensure our tubes are child resistant, we make every single tube in the USA. Our joint tubes are 100% certified to be CR and the highest grade material compared to any competitor. You can pop the tubes hundred of times without it ever being affected, allowing customers to see you aren’t giving them cheap products. Here at Custom Cones USA, we are a leading provider of wholesale pre-rolls and pre rolls packaging, from small growing farms to the biggest bands in the country. We advocate that the most important factors when it comes to joint tubes are trustworthy certifications, durable plastic material, and lowest wholesale pricing when your business has scaled!

  • Child Resistant Certified - As the industry continues to grow, the regulations behind it will do so as well. While there are marvelous products out, some should not be in the hands of children. Our joint tubes makes it impossible for any child to open the tubes as the high grade material is strong enough to prevent a child from popping the top of the joint tube. This is an affordable way of placing your pre rolls on the shelf, abiding by state regulations, and offering unique ways to market your products!
  • Customization and Multiple Colors- With our one stop shop solution, we can fully customize the joint tubes by either direct custom printing or having sticker labels with all your company’s information. This allows you to stand out in every single store and have the customer know more about you. We always will have in stock multiple color waves on top of that. From clear to silver to gold joint tubes, you have plenty of options to choose! 
  • Wholesale pricing - No longer does you business have to pay high amount to find a way to package your products. No long does your business have to worry if the joint tubes is actually CR. We also give business an opportunity to scale even further by showing them how to use our semi-automatic labeling machine to have all their labeling done in house. If a company is unable to make the investment for the joint labeling machines, we also do the labeling on the joint tubes for the lowest prices! With everyday low wholesale prices, you don’t need to waste time emailing or calling us for wholesale rates - our wholesale pricing is listed directly on our site in our store.