Wholesale Blunt Cones

As the leader in the blunt cone space, we can offer the wholesale pricing in the industry! From our own Washington state based warehouse, we can send the hemp wraps across the country and Canada, and with our ISO 9001 factory, we can scale to millions! All our hemp blunt wraps are complaint in any recreational market and do not carry any tobacco. Businesses know and trust the Custom Cones USA name in the industry as a leading provider of wholesale pre-rolls. Not only do we offer unbranded, bulk hemp blunt wraps but we also specialize in wholesale custom branded hemp wraps. The most important factors when it comes to blunt wraps are smooth burning smokes, fresh hemp wraps, and lowest whole sale pricing when your business has scaled!

  • Smooth Burning Smokes - Every hemp wrap is packaged with air tight seal wrapping, making sure that all cones arrive 100% fresh. Our hemp wraps are hand rolled from natural hemp and are the high quality wrap in the market. It maintains the taste of the flower you contain in it, delivers smooth smoke to the consumer, and has no additives into it.  Our hemp wraps come in boxes of 800, with every single one is guaranteed to come fresh and ready to be packed! 
  • Scalability and Customization- Every single hemp wrap cone we make are compatible with all vibrating type machine (Cone Packer 300). We can also fully customize the lengths of the cones and have you standout on the market with your own branding. You can get cone or tube shaped wraps, which offers different looks you can present to your customers. Our hemp wraps can place multiple filters and with our custom cigar brand look, it never looked fresher to have a blunt line in your SKUs.
  • Wholesale pricing - No longer does you business have to pay high amounts to have hemp wraps continually in stock. No long does your business have to buy a consumer product to put your own flower into it. With our unbranded hemp wraps, you can finally get a white label option to add blunt cones as an option to your customers. Now there is a real opportunity to enter the Hemp Wrap market as you can finally enter the game as a B2B business. With everyday low wholesale prices, you don’t need to waste time emailing or calling us for wholesale rates - our wholesale pricing is listed directly on our site in our store.