Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cones

Since we have our own pre-rolled cone factory, we are able to offer the best wholesale pricing in the industry for pre-rolled cones. We stock our pre-rolled cones in our own Washington state based warehouse and we have partners across the country and Canada offering our wholesale pre-rolled cones. Businesses know and trust the Custom Cones USA name in the industry as a leading provider of wholesale pre-rolled cones and blunt cones. Not only do we offer unbranded, bulk pre-rolled cones, but we also specialize in wholesale custom branded cones. The most important factors when it comes to pre-rolled cones are paper quality, cone quality, and wholesale pricing. 

  • Paper Quality - It all starts with the paper in a pre-rolled cone - we only use the finest Ultra-Fine French rolling paper and you’ll notice the difference to cheaper knockoff brands. After paper type come cone quality - it is essential that your pre-rolled cones are consistent in size and weight. When shopping for wholesale pre-rolled cones, it is very important to avoid cheap brands with poor quality control standards. Since we have strict control over our pre-rolled cone factory, we ensure all pre-rolled cones will fit in industry standard knockboxes

  • Cone Quality - Another concern is pre-rolled cones varying in weight, if you buy a cheap, unreliable pre-rolled cone brand, chances are you will experience some variability in cone weight, which could slow down production and pose as a compliance liability. 

  • Wholesale pricing - Since a pre-roll is made from essentially only flower and the pre-rolled cone or blunt cone, the cost of the pre-rolled cone can greatly affect your profitability. Our wholesale prices help you keep your pre roll costs down! You can browse our shop page and easily order any of our stock sizes or paper types, which we always keep in stock in our Washington state based warehouse. With everyday low wholesale prices, you don’t need to waste time emailing or calling us for wholesale rates - our wholesale pricing is listed directly on our site in our store. 


Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cones

Why buy our pre-rolled cones?

The factors that set apart Custom Cones USA from the competition are our wholesale prices, Ultra-Fine French paper, reliable inventory planning, ISO-9001 certification, and Phase III compliance! Since we specialize in pre-rolled cones and have our own factory, we are able to offer the best wholesale prices in the industry. With the strictest of quality standards, we only use Ultra-Fine French rolling paper in our wholesale pre-rolled cones. Our factory is ISO 9001 Certified and we test every component of our pre-rolled cones to ensure they are Phase III Compliant!

wholesale pre rolled cone types
wholesale pre rolled cones

Ultra-Fine French Papers

If you care about the quality of your pre-rolls, then you need to think about and carefully consider what paper you are using in your pre-rolled cones. If you are selling a luxury product, you put it in luxury packaging - the same goes with pre-rolls, if you are putting premium flower in your pre-rolls, you should be using Ultra-Fine French rolling paper. Cheap wholesale papers are thicker and will effect the flavor of your flower - we only the the thinnest and highest quality papers - refined white, unrefined brown, and 100% organic hemp.

wholesale custom branded cones

Industry Standard Cone Sizes

If you order unreliable wholesale cones off the internet from a random pre-rolled cone factory, you can pretty much ensure your cones will be extremely variable. With Custom Cones USA, quality is our number one priority and we ensure all our cones are perfectly sized to industry standards. There are four main pre-rolled cones we keep in stock at our low wholesale prices - the 109mm, 98mm, 98mm reefer or slim size, and the 84mm.

wholesale blunt cones

Reliability & Expertise

Our business has been built off of quality pre-rolled cones, amazing wholesale pricing, and solid industry relationships built off trust. When you work with us, our goal is to help you and your business. If you are just starting out, feel free to give us a call and ask all sorts of questions. We are happy to tell you about the great machines we offer, how to use them, and how to take your pre-roll brand to the next level. To keep your business running smoothy, talk to us about advanced pre-rolled cone inventory planning!


Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cone Pricing

Pre-rolled cones at the best wholesale rates

The cannabis industry is very competitive and prices are getting pushed down as the price of flower and manufacturing continue to decline. If you are looking for sharp wholesale pricing on bulk pre-rolled cones, please browse our store and reach out to us with any questions. Our wholesale pricing is available to all customers directly on our product pages. If you are looking to purchase over 100 boxes of wholesale pre-rolled cones, which is 800,000 pre-rolled cones, we can work with you on even lower wholesale pricing!

wholesale pre roll packaging
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ISO 9001-Certified

ISO-9001 Certification is a high-level manufacturing standard factories need to have in order to be reliable in the market place. The key components of ISO-9001 certification is traceability, safety, and quality. We have tracking information printed on every box, so we have total control of our entire supply chain and manufacturing process. When it comes to wholesale pre-rolled cones, our certification helps maintain our excellent quality.

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Phase III Compliance

Phase III Compliance is the testing regulations set forth by the State of California. If your products do not pass Phase III testing, then they are illegal to sell and must be destroyed. The main factors that would cause a company to fail Phase III testing would be from buying cheap wholesale pre-rolled cones. If the wholesale cones are made with cheap rolling papers, filters, or inks on the custom branding, then the cones can fail for heavy metals. We have strict testing and documentation requirements on all our pre-rolled cone components. 

wholesale custom pre roll packaging

Custom Pre-Rolled Cones

Our number one goal is to help grow your pre-roll brand! If you want to upgrade from unbranded bulk pre-rolled cones to custom branded cones, we can help design something totally custom and perfect for your brand. Since we specialize in custom branded cones, we are still able to offer you incredible wholesale pricing, even with custom branding!