CR Slider Box

The child resistant slider box is a all purpose pre-roll packaging which is made in the USA. To open you simply press down on the back latch, push the tray in and pull out. Press, Push, Pull. It is as easy as that. The slider box comes in both black and white. The slider box can fit 84mm and 98mm cones. With the pre-roll inserts the slider box will fit 5 98mm cones and without the pre-roll inserts the slider box will fit 6 98mm cones. The slider box can be made in custom colors however there would be a minimum order requirement. The pre-roll inserts are made to fit the slider box and come with an adhesive backing. The pre-roll inserts come in both black and white to match either slider box. The pre-roll inserts can be customized for different size packages, the color of paper used can be customized as well as the number of slots on the insert.