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Slider Pre-Roll Box - Black - 109mm - Fits up to 6 Pre-Rolls [200 per Case]

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Lowest price per unit::
Case Size:
200 Units
Package Color:
Best For:
109mm Cones
Package Material:
Package Type:
Slider Box
Fully Custom Labels Available Upon Request
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
Air-Tight Level:
Not Air-Tight
Eco-Friendly Level:
Country of Origin:
Max # Pre-Rolls:
Outer Dimensions:
115mm X 62mm in X 17mm
Inner Dimensions:
110mm (l) x 55mm(w) x 15mm (h)
Additional Services:
Design Services, Display Box Options, Pantone Matching
Lead Time:
2-3 business days to ship

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Slider Pre-Roll Box - Black - 109mm - Fits up to 6 Pre-Rolls [200 per Case]
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Child Resistant Pre-Roll Packaging

Slider Box Pre-Roll Packaging - 109mm Size 

The Slider Pre-Roll Box is perfect for pre-roll multi-packs! Built tough, this pre-roll packaging option is both stylish and child-safe. Right now the 109mm slider box is only available in black, however new colors are coming shortly! The new slider pre-roll box uses an all new opening mechanism which makes it easier to open than ever while still maintaining the necessary child resistance to be CSPC certified in all 50 states. 

custom child safe pre roll packaging

custom child resistant pre-roll packaging

custom pre roll multi pack packaging

Custom Branding Options

If you are looking for custom branded, child-safe pre-roll packaging, there are many ways to customize our child-safe slider box. You can order perfectly sized custom printed labels for your pre roll packing or add an eco-friendly paper sleeve or box. Custom printed labels will help you pre-roll packaging stand out on dispensary shelves. Custom printed paper sleeves or boxes are designed to fit perfectly around our child-resistant pre-roll packaging. The sleeve allows the durable child-safe package to be easily slid out, but still wrapped in beautiful custom branding. The box option is an extra level of customization, with extra sides to print on. 


custom pre roll packaging labels

Custom Labels

We allow you to totally customize your child safe pre roll packaging by adding custom printed labels! Our labels are the perfect size for each of our packaging options, so you never need to worry about not getting the perfect size. Choose between glossy or matte stickers, even add gold foil or other premium finishes. Custom labels allow you to keep your pre-roll packaging costs down, while still allowing you to show off your custom branding!

custom branded pre roll packaging paper sleeves

Custom Paper Sleeves

For a more premium pre-roll packaging option, add a custom paper sleeve to the outside of your pre-roll packaging. A paper sleeve is a great way to take our child safe slider box and turn it into a beautiful pre-roll multi pack. With four sides available for custom printing, you can easily showcase your unique brand and highlight the difference of your pre-roll multi-packs.

custom pre-roll boxes child safe

Custom Paper Boxes

Custom paper boxes fully envelope your child-safe pre-roll slider box into rich, custom branding! You can print on all 6 sides, even the inner flap of the box! If you really want your pre-roll packaging to stand out on store shelves and stick in your customer's minds, custom paper boxes are the perfect finishing touch for your pre-roll packaging!


Pre-Roll Inserts

If you are selling pre-roll multi-packs, our pre-roll insert trays are a great way to hold your pre rolls in place and add a premium touch to your custom pre-roll packaging. Our pre-roll inserts are made from paper, so they are an eco-friendly way to organize your pre-rolls and keep them safe within your packaging.Our pre-roll trays come in all black or all white standard, however you can always upgrade to custom colored inserts. You can also customize the placement of the inserts on the tray, as well as the size of the inserts, so you can accommodate any pre-roll size. You can customize the number of pre-rolls each tray holds and you can even add a sticker backing, to hold the tray in place within your pre-roll packaging.

pre roll inserts for pre-roll multi-pack packaging


pre-roll multi-pack joint holder

Custom Colors

Our pre-roll insert trays come in either white or black as standard options, but you can always upgrade to a totally custom color anytime! Custom colored pre-roll trays are perfect for brands with full-flower, premium pre-rolls. You can customer the the color of the bottom of the tray or even the part that hold your pre-rolls securely in place.

pre-roll trays for multi pack packaging

Custom Placement

There are several orientations you can customize in regards to the holding part of your pre-roll trays. You can choose to have the holding section of the pre-roll trays be at the bottom/top or at the middle of the tray. You can also choose to get only the pre-roll holding section and upgrade to a sticker back, so you can stick the pre-roll holders to any part of your final pre-roll packaging!

custom pre roll packaging trays

Custom Pre-Roll Trays

Pre-roll multi packs can vary in size from two packs to twenty packs, so we give you the flexibility to make any number of pre rolls fit perfectly in your pre-roll packaging! You can customize the insert tray to hold any number of pre-rolls, so you never need to worry about there being too much space and having your pre-rolls bounce around within the packaging or look cheap and loose. Pre-roll trays are a great way to indicate which pre-roll is which is pre-roll multi-packs!

QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Unit
1 - 3 Cases $180.95 per Case $.90 per Unit
4 - 7 Cases $176.95 per Case $.88 per Unit
8 - 14 Cases $172.95 per Case $.86 per Unit
15 - 24 Cases $168.95 per Case $.84 per Unit
25+ Cases $160.95 per Case $.80 per Unit