Industrial Cone Packer 300

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300 pre-rolled cones per tray
Machine Type:
Filling Machine
100 filled cones in 1.5 minutes
Adjustable Volume Weighing:
You can adjust our pre-roll machine to meter out a specific weight based on volume using the included attachments.
Made to specific cone-size and easily adjusted for other sizes with additional attachment
Made with stainless steel and aerospace-grade food-safe plastics
Variable Speed:
Comes with variable speed controller for custom packing rates
Waste & Rework:
Our pre-roll machine design lends to minimal waste & re-work required for incorrect weight. Our machine is made to a specific size creating a tight tolerance around the cone - this means less waste and less rework for incorrect weights.

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Industrial Cone Packer 300
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Industrial Cone Packer 300

Our industrial pre-roll machine packs 300 pre-rolled cones at a time and can work with any size pre-rolled cone. The loading tray is available in all sizes and can be swapped out within seconds. Made with stainless steel and heavy-duty food grade plastics, our commercial cone filling machine is easy to clean and extremely durable. Compared to other pre-roll machines & knockboxes, our industrial pre-roll machine comes with a variable speed controller this way you can fine-tune the exact packing rate. The free attachments included with the machine control the volume of product metered - this allows you to precisely fill cones to an accurate weight.

pre roll cone filling machine 300 cones

3X Capacity

Our pre-roll machine has capacity for 300 pre-rolled cones and 3-5X the capacity as other knockboxes or cone filling machine available on the market. Our industrial pre-roll machine works with all cone sizes - the cone loading tray comes in all standard sizes and custom sizes can be made!

cone filling machine variable speed control

Perfect Pack

Our industrial pre-rolled cone machine comes with a variable rate controller so you can fine-tune your packing process and achieve the perfect pre-roll every time. You know your flower best, so why let a pre-programmed machine tell you how to pack your flower! Take back control! Further enhance your packing process with one of our industrial grinders. It allows you to control your grinding particle size.

best pre rolled joint filling machine

Industrial Build

Made with stainless steel and all food-grade aerospace plastics, our industrial cone filling machine is built like a tank. Tough design for maximum durability and interchangeable parts for easy maintenance. Pre-rolled cone loading trays come in all sizes and can be swapped out in seconds. Our pre-roll machine was developed with processors to work for processors!