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New Age Blunts - Why Tobacco Blunts Are Decreasing in Popularity

New Age Blunts - Why Tobacco Blunts Are Decreasing in Popularity

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Nov 4th 2022

Originally Posted April 12, 2022, updated on  November 4, 2022

Classic blunts, traditionally made by hollowing-out cigars or tobacco leaf papers and filling them with cannabis instead of tobacco, may have a foothold in cannabis culture— but you won’t find any blunts legally gracing dispensary shelves. Still, that doesn’t mean consumers won’t ask for them-- or opt to get flower instead of pre-rolls to make their own blunts! The thicker cigar paper allows blunts to burn at a much slower rate than joints, making for longer (and more intense) smoke sessions.

Historically, smoking a blunt meant enjoying the benefits of cannabis mixed with the effects of tobacco. However, as the younger generations enter the legal market, a larger share of cannabis consumers are staying away from tobacco products due to the associated health risks of tobacco use. Still, many still want the longer smoke session experience of a blunt but want to skip the tobacco and its effects.

Additionally, government regulations prohibiting the sale of cannabis products with tobacco or nicotine products has allowed a new age of blunt to emerge. These new age blunts don’t contain tobacco or nicotine, but they still provide the consumer with a thick, premium feel and a slow, robust smoke.

Luckily, Custom Cones USA has a plethora of high-quality natural blunt wraps to support all of your blunt rolling needs!

The History of the Blunt

The true history of the blunt is hazy at best. It is said that in the mid-1800s, the recreational use of cannabis began to spread from East India to Jamaica. Once introduced, blunts became a popular staple in Caribbean culture: this could be because devices like pipes and bongs weren’t readily available. Another theory suggests that Jamaicans chose to use cigar wrappers or dried Tobacco leaves as a discreet way to mask the smell of weed. The final theory, and probably the most simplistic, is that smoking blunts allows users to consume more at one time, creating stronger effects – however, that could be due to the epinephrine (adrenaline) released by nicotine, which is known to act as a stimulant.

Even though they've been around for centuries, the modern-day blunt didn't gain popularity in the US until the 1980s when popular rappers began referencing the power of blunts in their songs. In the late 1980s-early 1990s, hip-hop made its way to the suburbs; as a result, blunts spiked in popularity. Head shops began popping up on every corner, selling blunts, blunt wraps, pipes, and bongs to canna-curious customers.

While the classic tobacco-rolled blunt will always have a home in pop culture, increased restrictions and regulations on tobacco/nicotine in the cannabis industry prevent cannabis producers from being able to use tobacco wraps for blunts sold in legal dispensaries. In legal markets, the desire for better, legal smoking options free from tobacco has fueled the creation of a new age blunt - designed to pack the same classic punch without the potentially harmful risks associated with tobacco use. As a foundational symbol of cannabis use across different cultures, we are confident blunts will never fully disappear - although one thing is clear: the classic blunt is getting a makeover.

The Problems with Tobacco Blunt Wraps

It's no secret that nicotine is unhealthy and addictive, but did you know that it is also used as an effective pesticide? It’s literal poison. Natural poison, but poison, nonetheless. We have been warned about the consequences of tobacco consumption for years, and with increased legislation to reduce the sale of flavored tobacco products, it's no surprise that now more than ever, consumers are choosing to move away from tobacco-based blunt wraps. For most people, the health risks associated with tobacco use, such as addiction, cancer, COPD, immune issues, arthritis, increased risk of tuberculosis, and more, outweigh the benefits of smoking a blunt.

For medical users, it is important that each smoking session provides unadulterated cannabliss. Additives like tobacco take away from the potentially positive effects of cannabis, and in legalized medical and recreational dispensaries the use of tobacco/nicotine in cannabis products is not allowed. Continue reading for a breakdown of some of the most popular natural blunt wraps on the market. Quickly gaining in popularity in the market, these blunt wraps are the perfect alternative for a premium blunt product offering.

Why are Hemp Wraps on the market?

For your customers looking for blunt products, they aren’t necessarily looking for the nicotine buzz, but they still want the slow-burning, long smoke session, and larger impact associated with a blunt. Enter hemp wrap blunts and other non-nicotine alternatives!

If cannabis users want to smoke a blunt without the nicotine of a traditional tobacco wrap, they can get a smooth and even smoke through a variety of hemp wrap and botanical options, like cocoa wraps, botanical sage wraps, and even goji berry blunt wraps.

We offer two main types of hemp wrap – what we call the Classic Hemp Wrap and our special Hybrid Hemp Wrap. The classic style hemp wrap is the hemp wrap you probably are already familiar with. If you have smoked High Hemp wraps or other popular brands of hemp wrap – our classic hemp wrap is the same exact type.

There are a few different types of hemp wraps and even more types of botanical blunt wraps, which are just wraps made from other plants like cocoa, sage, and goji berry.

The Hybrid Hemp Wrap, on the other hand, is a new type of hemp wrap we specially formulated for pre-roll manufacturing and processing. Compared to the classic style hemp wrap, the hybrid hemp wrap is less moisture sensitive and less prone to cracking. This means it is easier to handle during your pre-roll manufacturing process.

Brown vs Green Wraps: What’s the Significance of the Color of the Wrap?

The difference between the brown and green classic hemp wrap is the age of the hemp used to make the hemp wraps. The hemp used in the green wraps is younger and thus a brighter green before it is blended and turned into the hemp wrap. There is very little flavor difference, if any at all, between these two colors, so the difference comes down to how you want your pre-rolled blunts to look. Brown wraps are more likely to be reminiscent of Phillies, Cigarillos, Backwoods, Swisher Sweets, and other natural leaf and Cigarillo-type items consumers have previously used to make blunts or spliffs.

You didn’t typically see green hemp wraps in convenience stores before widespread cannabis legalization, so this green colored trend seems to be born out of legalization of dispensaries across the country!

Many traditionalists prefer the browner appearing wraps, even though they provide no nicotine buzz, just since it is something they are familiar with or since they want their pre-roll to look more like a tobacco blunt!

When coming up with a custom branded blunt product, there are some additional special considerations for hemp wraps over paper cones. For example, a traditional paper filter won’t be visible under the hemp wrap, so in order to add custom branding you will need to add a cigar band.

Hemp Wraps

Due to their texture, Hemp Blunt Wraps are some of the most popular tobacco-free blunt wraps on the market. These blunt wraps are made with all-natural hemp, have a similar look and feel to tobacco wraps, and burn at a rate familiar to most blunt enthusiasts.

Key benefits to using hemp wrap for your blunts include:

  • Slower Burn: Hemp blunt wraps have a slower burn than regular rolling papers, making them perfect for savoring moments and/or passing around. Adding Hemp Wrap Cones to your product line will instantly elevate your pre-rolls to the next level with little effort and change in production on your end.
  • Improved (yet Nostalgic) Flavor: These blunt wraps have a full-bodied natural flavor that is reminiscent of a classic blunt. The flavor of our hemp blunt wraps is never harsh or overpowering. Your customers will experience the powerful puffs associated with smoking a blunt while tasting every ounce of terpy goodness produced by your flower.
  • Suitable for Health-Conscious Smokers: These natural alternatives contain no nicotine and allow smokers to reap the full benefits of the weed inside.

There are two main types of Hemp Wraps: Traditional brown and premium green. The main difference between traditional hemp blunt wraps and premium hemp blunt wraps is when the hemp is harvested. Our premium green hemp blunt wraps are harvested earlier in the grow cycle to ensure they maintain their rich green color. None of our premium blunt wraps are enhanced with any artificial dyes or colors providing smokers with a 100% natural experience that is a consistent crowd-pleaser.

Hemp wraps are the best option if you are looking to produce nicotine-free blunts with a classic feel, but they aren't for everyone. When working with hemp wraps it's important to have packaging humidity on point. Hemp wraps are moisture-sensitive, meaning they can be more prone to drying out after production, making them potentially brittle and harder to work with.

Made from the highest quality hemp, our blunt wraps product a rich and sweet smoke that accentuates the full flavor profile of your flower.

In addition to rolling materials, Custom Cones USA can help you find premium packaging specifically designed to seal in the perfect amount of moisture while locking in freshness for your customers.

Note: In Florida, the use of hemp blunt wraps is banned. Our team stays up to date on the latest rules and regulations and is here to help you navigate this ever-changing industry and can help vendors from Florida find great alternatives to hemp wraps. Keep reading to learn more about other options.

Hybrid Hemp Wraps

Custom Cones USA is proud to offer an exciting new product to our customers: Hybrid Hemp Wraps. These innovative tubes and cones are the first of their kind. Traditional hemp is great, but its fragility can make it hard to use in a high-speed industrial environment. Our Hybrid Hemp Blunt Wraps blend high-quality paper with all-natural hemp, bringing customers the best of both worlds. These blunt wraps burn slowly and easily like a hemp wrap while being less sensitive to moisture. Adding paper to our formula helps make our Hybrid Hemp Blunt Wraps more durable and less likely to break during production.

Hybrid Hemp Blunt Wraps are currently available in a classic tube shape, and cone form, and are also available for custom branding options. The naturally vibrant color and speckled texture of these blunt wraps will make your product stand out against the competition. Similar to classic Hemp Wraps, these Hybrid Hemp Blunt Wraps are available both in green and brown, with corn husk filters or wooden tips, and are available in sizes ranging from .5g to 2g that fit in most standard filling machines.

Natural Leaf Blunt Wraps

Natural Leaf Blunt Wraps have been gaining momentum in the industry. Brands like King Palm pioneered the production (and popularity) of these unique and highly desirable alternatives to classic blunts. Natural Leaf Blunt Wraps are aesthetically pleasing and are a go-to option for brands looking to make a splash in the luxury blunt market. There are two main types of leaves used in the production of these wraps: Cordia Palm Leaf and Tendu Tree Leaf.

  • Cordia Palm Leaf Blunt Wraps: The Cordia Leaf, otherwise known as the Palm Leaf, was the first cannabis-targeted natural leaf rolling paper alternative to enter the US market. The Cordia Palm Leaf is lusciously dark green in color and grows across Southeast Asia. Throughout the curing process, these leaves maintain their chlorophyll which influences their impressive color. The Cordia leaf (originally from the Borage family and popularized by the consumer brand King Palm) is the perfect choice for those who want a subtle earthy taste, which not only complements the taste of your flower but does not interfere with the flavor at all.

    Our Cordia Palm Leaf Blunt Wraps contain zero glue and have a slow-burning effect that is perfect for those who are used to smoking blunts but want to avoid tobacco. We pair these blunt wraps with our cornhusk filters, to take advantage of the full flavor profile while still providing a smooth burn. They are 100% natural and reduce harshness by ensuring no plant matter or particulates pull through. Custom Cones USA offers our own Cordia Leaf Wraps, available in 85mm half-gram cones, 105mm full-gram cones, .5g tubes, .7g tubes, 1g tubes, and 2g tubes. They come standard with a classy black band at the filter but are always available to be customized to meet your needs. Additionally, Cordia palm leaves don’t require a gum seal, which helps keep things natural and chemical-free.

    Note: Due to potential contaminants introduced during the growing process, Cordia Palm Leaf Blunt Wraps are not able to be sold as pre-filled blunts in dispensaries in California or Canada. However, curious consumers can still find these popular blunt wraps at head shops or sold at dispensaries as empty wraps/tubes.

  • Tendu Leaf Wraps: Tendu Leaf Blunt Wraps have taken the market by storm! This leaf is harvested from the Tendu Tree found across central India and is historically popular in areas like Germany, the Middle East, and Japan. The biggest difference between these options is in how they are cured and prepared. When producing Cordia palm leaves the goal is to maintain as much chlorophyll as possible. Whereas, the Tendu leaf is toasted, removing chlorophyll and potential contaminants; resulting in a lighter color and less powerful taste that customers tend to prefer over the Cordia palm leaf. Toasting the Tendu leaves also makes them more malleable and easy to use than the Cordia leaf. Unlike the Cordia leaf, Tendu Blunt Wraps are able to pass strict testing requirements in markets like California and Canada.

    Our Tendu Blunt Wraps contain zero glue, are slow-burning, and are available in standard 85mm half-gram cones, 105mm full-gram cones, .5g tubes, .7g tubes, 1g tubes, and 2g tubes. They come with a classy black band at the filter. Looking for something more personalized? We can add a custom cigar band to make your branding stand out!

Shapes and Sizes Of Blunt Wraps

Cones and tubes: Do you want to offer conical or tube-shaped pre-rolls or both? If you want to offer pre-rolled hemp wrap blunt cones, we have you covered with unbranded pre-roll blunt options that are ready to go, or our Pre-Roll Experts can get you set up with. 

These hemp wraps all pair beautifully with wood tips or glass filter tips, which you can customize with your logo and keep your brand in your customer’s back pocket!  

We also offer stock sizes and types of hemp wrap tubes, like our spiral tip, wood tip, and glass tipped blunt tubes.  
These are compatible and fill easily in the King Kone with tube attachment.  

Botanical blunt cones are only available in 109mm cone sizes right now, but we can make other sizes and shapes for a custom order.  

Customization options are a bit more limited on hemp wraps and blunt wrap products because of the darkness of the hemp paper. But, Custom Cones USA can provide bespoke bands around the hemp wraps with your logo or other branding, giving a modern twist to the classic cigar look.

Botanical Blunt Wraps

Blunts are great, but botanical blunts are better! Unlike classic options on the market, botanical blunt wraps are a natural option made from florals such as rose, sage, hibiscus, goji berry, and cocoa. Botanical blunts produce a fuller and richer experience by combining stronger smoke production with the pleasurable aromas and flavors of floral blunt wraps. Each of our Botanical Blunt Wraps provides a uniquely special experience while still allowing your flower to fully express itself. Custom Cones USA offers three types of Botanical Wraps, each accompanied by unique benefits.

  • Sage Blunt Wraps: Sage Botanical Blunt Cones influence a calm and tranquil smoking experience. Made with superfine, all-natural, raw materials, these sage blunts maintain their sage green color and lend themselves to a rich smoking experience that features a slow draw and even burn. These stiff cones work well in cone-filling machines, making them perfect for mass production. In addition to their stability, sage blunt wraps produce an unfettered savory-sweet smoke that will align beautifully with your flower.

  • Cocoa Blunt Wraps: Our Cocoa Botanical Blunt Cones have a distinct chocolatey color and provide users with a deliciously smooth experience. These blunt wraps are made with all-natural cocoa-bean husks, making them sturdy enough for industrial production. The unique husk material allows blunts wrapped in cocoa to burn like a champ. Your customers will notice the sweet and clean taste of these cocoa blunt wraps with every hit. The flavor of our Botanical Blunt Wraps never overpowers your flower but instead works with it to create a rich and robust smoking experience.

  • Goji Berry Blunt Wraps: While all of our botanical blunt wraps are unique, the bright tangerine color of our Goji Berry Blunt Cones really stands apart from the pack. Goji Berry blunts are tantalizing. Unlike other products on the market, these blunt wraps are made with all-natural Goji Berry devoid of any pesticides or harmful materials. Blunts rolled with Goji Berry Blunt Wraps are much lighter and more enjoyable to smoke than processed alternatives. Smoking goji can add an extra layer of mood-boosting euphoria to any smoking experience. Like our other botanical wraps, these are designed to enhance flower flavor while providing a slow, smooth burn. These vividly distinct blunt wraps have no overt flavor allowing your flower to shine!

How Can I Show Off My Hemp Wrap Products?

Hemp-wrapped blunts look best in premium glass tubes, paired with any kind of luxury cap you can imagine, from cork to champagne to premium bamboo cap glass tubes

Depending on the type of pre-roll, you might consider pairing the product with a Boveda humidity pack.  

Especially since your blunt product may be large, like 1.5 grams or 2 grams or more, you want to ensure the product stays good and fresh until it reaches the end customer, and that it will keep through more than one smoke session if necessary. 
This is why it is so important to also pair with airtight packaging like our Super Seals that help blunts stay fresh as the day they were rolled! As a bonus, the Super Seal preroll tubes come stock in a variety of color and size options, and also are resealable to CR and airtight standards! 

You might also consider overwrapping for paper packaging, in order to make it more compliant. 

How can I scale my hemp wrap blunt production?

At Custom Cones USA, we offer plenty of solutions for scaling any pre-roll line. We are the Pre-Roll Experts that offer a one-stop shop for everything from pre-roll machines, to packaging and supplies, to label application and even design services to ensure your product looks its best! 

For scaling your hemp wrap blunt production, you want to first make sure your production process has all the essential machines needed to make a quality product. 

It all starts with the perfect grind from one of our quality cannabis grinders, followed by a thorough sift with our commercial cannabis sifters, and only then should the cone or tube filling begin! 

We are excited to not only offer the industry-leading King Kone filling machine, but also the tube conversion kit which allows you to fill tubes when paired with the proper tube insert

Wrapping It Up (Pun Intended)

If you ask customers what they look for in a pre-roll, many of them will say they’re concerned with the quality and type of flower, and when it comes down to it, the quality of your product will ultimately make or break the pre-rolls you offer. While classic paper cones or joints are still the preferred pre-roll type among consumers, a significant and growing subset are turning to blunts and hemp wraps for longer, stronger smoke sessions.  

Offering more product types is an excellent way to scale your cannabis business, and Custom Cones USA is proud to offer a variety of ready-to-fill botanical cones as well as full-size bobbins to roll your own wraps to help you expand your pre-roll offerings. Reach out to one of our pre-roll experts and we will help you figure out what options are best for your business.