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We specialize in everything related to pre-rolls, from pre-rolled cones and blunts, to the pre-roll machines at every step of the manufacturing process, as well as pre-roll packaging and displays to help make your pre-rolls stand out on dispensary shelves. We are the most compliant pre-rolled cone and packaging company and the foremost experts in the industry!

Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-Rolled Cones

Custom Cones USA offers the widest selection of Pre-Rolled Cones. Our Refined White, Natural Brown, Organic Hemp, and Hemp Blunts cones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and filter tips and represent some of the thinnest and cleanest burning rolling papers on the market. All our cones have been carefully sourced by our Pre-Roll Experts to ensure quality and compliance standards are met, and they ship directly from our warehouse, so you can get your pre-roll project up and running quickly.

If you're looking for Custom Branded Cones, we offer an assortment of options that will make your pre-rolls stand out from the competition. This includes custom branding on everything from the filter tips to the papers to cigar bands. Custom Cones USA also has the lowest MOQs and fastest lead times in the industry, and, if time is really an issue, we offer a curated selection of Designer Cones that can ship directly from our warehouse.

Pre-Roll Machines

Pre-Roll Machines

Whether you are looking for a machine that can help kickstart your first pre-roll project or expand your current brand, Custom Cones USA has everything you need to find success. All our Pre-Roll Machines are built tough for continuous, heavy usage. We know the challenges you will face when making a great pre-roll, and we have the machines to help you at every station of your production line.

Our Grinders, Sifters, and Cone Filling Machines are specifically designed to retain the quality of your cannabis material as it’s being processed, and each category of our pre-roll machines has a variety of options to fit any budget. So, no matter where you are in your pre-roll project, you are sure to find a machine that can deliver the solutions you need for your specific project.

Pre-Roll Packaging

Pre-Roll Packaging

Standard packaging will protect your pre-rolls from being damaged, keep them fresh for the consumer, and do it while maintaining compliance standards. Great packaging will do all these things and elevate your brand. Regardless of the materials you want to use and compliance laws you need to follow, Custom Cones USA offers a wide variety of stock single and multi-pack options that meet all these criteria and can be shipped directly from our warehouse.

Looking to create something truly unique? Our Pre-Roll Experts will walk you through everything you need to know about custom packaging options, so that you can bring another layer of distinction to your brand. After working out the specifics, our design team can step in to make sure everything looks as beautiful as you imagine. Let us take the guesswork out of the process, and help you build something special today.

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