Non-Tobacco Natural Blunt Wraps: The Alternatives

Non-Tobacco Natural Blunt Wraps: The Alternatives

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Oct 9th 2020

The pre-roll market is expanding and growing at a rapid rate, gone are the days where you are smoking out of swishers you buy from your local gas station or with the run of the mill pre-roll papers. The options for paper for your pre-rolls contain more variety than ever! The hemp wrap was the first blunt paper to be legalized for the cannabis market and since then have expanded to include various types of natural leaves and wraps that each offer their own benefits that enhance the overall smoking experience. Not sure what's available? That’s alright! This post serves as your comprehensive guide to the alternatives to non-tobacco blunt wraps.
Hemp Wrap Blunts
Perhaps the most popular tobacco free blunt wraps on the market, hemp wraps are made with all-natural hemp, allowing most smoke shops to stay stocked up with options. These wraps have a similar look and feel to Swisher Sweets or Dutch Masters and burn at a rate familiar to most blunt smokers. Some hemp wraps are infused with a minimal amount of CBD for added effect. Most hemp wraps have a semi sweet, natural flavor profile that compliments cannabis and herbal blends very well. There are also flavored options on the market for those who aren’t so fond of the taste of herb. Brands like Juicy Jays and Kingpin offer their hemp wraps in soft, flat sheets, which are easy to roll and stay very fresh. High Hemp and Royal Blunts sell their wraps fashioned around sticks to maintain shape and assist in the rolling process. Custom Cones USA sells hemp wrap cones and tubes for those looking for the most convenient options on the market.  Hemp wraps are rich, slow burning and made from all-natural hemp. You can’t go wrong!
Cordia Palm Leaves
The Cordia Palm Leaf comes from the borage family of palms, giving it a subtle, earthy flavor that compliments your cannabis perfectly. Made famous by the King Palm line, the Cordia Palm Leaf smokes very similarly to cigars and has a very attractive aesthetic and feel in your hand. They’re made with cornhusk filters, so there are absolutely no worries about any of your herb getting through to your mouth while smoking. Cornhusk filters reduce harshness and your smoke will be milky and smooth every time. Cordia Palm leaves don’t require a gum seal, which helps keep things 100% natural and chemical-free. For smoking herb, these are one of most complimentary options on the market.
Tendu Palm Leaves
Meet the Cordia Palm Leaf’s very attractive cousin: the Tendu Leaf! These leaves come from the Tendu Tree found widely across India. Hand-plucked and hand rolled Tendu leaves have a very similar smoking experience to the Cordia Palm Leaf, while presenting a much more subtle flavor profile and allowing your cannabis terpenes and herbal blends to stand out. The Tendu Leaf is carefully cured, removing chlorophyll and other plant components for a much smoother burn than its tobacco-derived counterparts. These leaves have a muted light brown color and very unique feel in your hand. Burn rate is nice and slow and the cornhusk filters are always an added bonus to the smoking experience. Before you know it, the Tendu leaves will become one of the most well received palm leaf options available.
Flower Petals
The most novel wraps on the list are the recently emergent flower petal wraps and cones. With an unmistakable look, floral aroma, and subtly sweet taste, flower petals may seem a bit odd in comparison to the rest of the alternatives out there, but they stand in a league of their own, which can be a major plus for those looking to stand out or simply try something new. Flower petal blunt wraps offer consumers and companies one of the most unique options on the market. These wraps smoke very smoothly, turn heads, and pair well with a variety of herbal blends. Flower petals are also a great option for that special someone any time of the year. Wrapping cannabis flowers inside of rose flower petals makes for a wonderful bouquet for your favorite smoking buddy.
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Banana Leaves
Although these wraps seem relatively new, Jamaica locals have long used banana leaves to smoke everything from tobacco to cannabis. Banana leaves are vegan-friendly and free of the harmful ingredients found in traditional cigarillos. These tobacco-free blunt wrap alternatives provide a slow, smooth, and bold smoking experience with full, smoky drags every time. Banana leaf wraps have no banana flavor present while smoking, which may be a good thing for most blunt smokers looking for an alternative that doesn’t overpower the flavor of their herb. It’s truly difficult to find a more robust smoking experience than banana leaf wraps these days.
Differences to expect when you make the switch
With your first puff of a non-tobacco blunt, you’ll immediately notice the absent tobacco flavor. The flavor of your herb will finally be at the forefront of your smoking experience - right where it should be. If you’re smoking proverbial “reggie” or “mid”, you may want to go for flavored hemp wraps or natural palm leaves; each option offering enough flavor to help keep things enjoyable. The bright and naturally green taste of palm leaves accompanies cannabis, hemp, or any herbal medley really well. Flower pedal and banana leaves each have some of the most distinct flavor profiles on the market and are well worth trying out. Whether you’re choosing to highlight, mask, or add something different to the taste of your smoking experience, choosing natural alternatives are a great way to go.
Effect is where the experience differs most when comparing tobacco vs. non-tobacco blunts. If you’ve ever smoked a traditional blunt or spliff, you may have experienced an added focus or prolonged high from the combination of cannabis and tobacco. Admittedly, this is what had me hooked on traditional blunts for a very long time (I still smoke them if they’re in rotation). Ultimately, it’s the tobacco that’s adding this effect, which can be the most difficult element of making the transition. Keep in mind that the same tobacco responsible for the added effect is responsible for added health risk. Choosing a side in this regard can seem difficult, but you can always alternate between tobacco or non-tobacco wraps; everything is better in moderation, anyways, right?
By using these blunt alternatives you give your pre-roll brand the upper hand by making your product look more visually appealing and unique. From the natural hemp blunt to flower petals there is no doubt that you can find the alternative paper type that best suits your brand's needs. Your pre-rolls will stand out on the shelves and attract new and returning customers to your pre-roll brand! Pair your new blunt wraps with a classy packaging option like a glass tube with cork or a child-resistant glass tube and there is no doubt that your pre-rolls will be flying off the shelves in no time. Not sure where to begin? You can always visit our website and look at all the different tobacco blunt wrap alternatives we offer!
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