Custom Design Services

A banner for custom pre-roll design services

Launching a pre-roll brand is hard, that’s why we are proud to help companies of all sizes with custom graphic design services. From small fixes on your custom branded cones, to helping you with a custom package design, we can even help freshen up your logo or create a brand new logo from scratch! Our graphic design services are great for custom branded cones, custom pre-roll packaging, and custom labels or shrink sleeves. 


Basic design service banner with a basic cone diagram

Basic Level - $125

For small fixes requiring an hour or less of design help. Changing colors, fonts, or resizing elements. Want to remove a word from your logo or invert the colors? Our team will help make those quick fixes, so you can get your order submitted quickly!

Starter Pre-Roll Design services banner with more designed pre-rolls

Starter Level - $275

Your logo, artwork, colors, and fonts on one of our expertly design templates. Expanding your pre-roll line and need help designing a label or cigarette box? We can take your already amazing logo and help create the perfect final design in no time, with no hassle!

Pro level pre-roll design services banner with more designed pre-rolls

Pro Level - $550

- We’ll work up a totally custom design for you, as well as work through the revisions. Send us examples of what you are looking for or a quick sketch and we will bring that concept to life.