*Discontinued* 84mm Half Gram Blunt Cones - Premium Green Hemp Wrap [900 per Case]

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Moisture Sensitive
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*Discontinued* 84mm Half Gram Blunt Cones - Premium Green Hemp Wrap [900 per Case]
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Important: This item has been discontinued and will not be restocked in the future once sold out. All sales are final.

Premium Hemp Wrap Blunt Cones

84mm Premium Blunt Cones - Half Gram

Our Premium Green Half Gram Blunt Cones offer a richer and fuller smoking experience compared to the traditional paper pre-rolled cones. Made with all-natural premium hemp wrap, our blunt cones do not have any additives or artificial flavoring. The difference between our standard hemp wrap and the premium green hemp wrap is the point in which the hemp is harvested. In order to make our premium green hemp wrap, the hemp is harvested earlier to ensure a rich green color - no dyes or artificial colors used at all!  Our blunt cones are totally free of THC and Tobacco making them sellable through licensed dispensaries and stores. Our premium hemp wraps are made in Europe under EU regulations making them the highest quality blunt cones available to processors and manufacturers. Full, rich, and made from all-natural hemp, these pre-rolled premium hemp blunt cones are the best way for you to expand your pre-roll line and attract new customers.

Please Note: The Care and Keeping of Hemp Wrap Products

Hemp wrap cones and tubes need a little bit of extra care and attention before filling them with your product. Unlike pre-rolled cones and tubes made with standard papers, the hemp wraps are made of all-natural hemp pulp, which naturally dries out over time. Custom Cones USA recommends allowing a few days after unpacking your hemp wrap items for them to re-hydrate by storing them with moisture packs. Please follow the recommended re-hydrating times below. Alternatively, you can also add moisture to these products using a handheld steamer in a pinch, as demonstrated on our YouTube channel. These hemp wrap cones and tubes need a bit more time and care, but your customers are sure to appreciate your efforts!

Basic instructions for re-hydrating hemp wraps:

Directions for products stored in tower Cases:

One week before you’re ready to fill your hemp wrap products, place a humidity pack inside the tower case between the stacked cones.

If plastic tub options are used to store your tubes, place the contents of the tower Case with the inner tray inside the tub with supplied moisture packs for at least 48 hours before use.

Directions for other products in small Cases or plastic containers:

Simply place the entire contents of the container into zip lock bags or plastic tubs along with the supplied moisture pack for at least 48 hours before use.


Slow Burning

Our premium blunt cones have the traditional blunt style smoking experience, with a perfect slow burn. This means our premium blunt cones are perfect for sharing between many people. You can differentiate your pre-roll line with this slow burning blunt cone made for parties, events, and special occasions.


All-Natural Premium Hemp

Unlike other blunt cones on the market, our premium blunt cones are made with all-natural premium green hemp wraps and they are made without any artificial flavorings. Our hemp wraps and your flower will be in perfect smoking harmony. The flavor of the blunt cone never overpowers the flower and we never use poor-quality industrial hemp to produce our wraps. Customers prefer our premium blunt cones because it encourages the flavor of the flower to come out while offering the full powerful smoke associated with blunt. We use the highest-quality natural, cleanest smoking European hemp available. Your customers will be able to taste the difference.


Full Flavor

Just like a blunt, our premium hemp blunt cones provide a richer and fuller-bodied smoke when compared to traditional blunts. And with every hit of the blunt cone, your customers will notice the sweet and clean taste of our premium hemp wrap. The taste of the hemp wrap perfectly complements the herbs packed within! We don't add artificial flavoring or additives - this is a 100% natural smoking experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can you do custom size blunt cones?

Absolutely! We can make custom size hemp blunt cones. We can make any size blunt cone from customizing the crutch length and width to customizing the crown diameter of the cone. We recommend 109mm cones for 1 gram blunts, 98mm for the 3/4 gram and 84mm cones for 1/2 gram mini blunt cones. 

+ Do the blunt cones fit in knockCases?

Yes, our standard sized pre-rolled hemp blunt cones fit in both the king kone and the sluice Case. They will also work with most traditional cone filling machines like the knockCase, rocketCase etc. We also create custom sizes if you have your own custom knockCase or filling equipment.

+ What are your blunt cones made from?

Our pre-rolled hemp blunt cones are made from all-natural hemp fiber. Made with the finest European hemp plants, these are the smoothest and best tasting hemp wraps on the market. All of the top hemp wrap brands use the same quality hemp wrap that we offer. These are thicker than traditional paper pre-rolled cones and burn slightly slower, yet equally as smooth.

+ What kind of glue do you use to seal your blunt cones?

Our pre-rolled hemp blunt cones are sealed with all-natural gum acacia. Gum acacia is a natural gum made from the sap of the acacia tree. Gum acacia is widely used in the food industry and is regarded as non-toxic and safe for human consumption. At Custom Cones USA, we pride ourselves on using non-toxic and natural gums. 

+ Are the blunt cones moisture/humidity sensitive?

Yes, just like your flower, the hemp in the blunt cone is moisture-sensitive. We do everything we can from the production process to the packaging to keep your blunt cones fresh. If your hemp cones dry out over time, there is a special method that involves using a hand steamer to add moisture back into your pre-rolled hemp blunt cone.

+ How should I store the blunt cones? 

All of our pre-rolled hemp blunt cones should be stored in the original packaging and should be sealed when not in use. The pre-rolled hemp blunt cones should not be left out or they will dry out. We advise that they be stored at room-temperature or colder and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The blunt cones are moisture sensitive and so should be kept at a stable humidity (~50-60% RH). If they are left in an overly-dry environment (<50% RH) they will become crispy and if they are left in an overly damp environment (>70% RH) they will mold. The storing methods are similar to your flower!

+ How do I seal the tops of the blunt cones?

You won't be able to seal the pre-rolled hemp blunt cones by twisting them - the best method to seal the blunt cones is to fold the tops down. The fastest method to seal the blunt cones is to use a handheld steamer and steam the tops of the cones once filled with flower. After, you can easily fold down the tops like a regular rolling paper. 

+ Can I get custom branding on my blunt cones?

Yes, we can do an externally wrapped sticker on the crutch of hemp wrap blunt cones. You can also get metallic or solid color stickers with any custom printing. Please contact us on our custom pre-rolled cone page to learn more. 

+ Can these blunt cones be sold in recreational and medical states?

Our pre-rolled hemp blunt cones are made with 100% hemp and have zero THC or tobacco. They are legally imported into the United States from Europe and are legal for interstate commerce due to having no THC. 

+ How much flower fits into a blunt cone?

Our standard 109mm hemp blunt cone is ideal for 1 gram sizes. We also offer 84mm hemp blunt cones, which are great for half-gram mini blunts.