Automated Infused Pre-Roll Machine

Automated Preroll Infusion Machine

New Pre-Roll Automated Infusion Tech
Exclusively From Custom Cones USA!

If you are making infused pre-rolls manually by hand, our automated pre-roll infusing machine will take your production process and infused pre-roll line to the next level! A specially designed and patented reservoir heats up your oil, which is then fed through a medical-grade needle and into the center of your finished pre-rolls. Up to 20 pre-rolls at a time are loaded into a circular cartridge, which rotates under the needle, where a rod of oil is perfectly placed in the center of the pre-roll.

Infused Pre-roll

Each Automated Pre-Roll Infusing Machine comes with a tablet, which is used to remotely control all the settings of the infuser machine. The operator is able to specify the exact length of the infused oil rod, as well as the exact location. For example, you can choose to infuse a 30mm rod of oil 10mm above the filter tip! Since our Automated Pre-Roll Infusing machine carefully places the rod of oil in the center, your infused pre-roll will burn perfectly even and smooth. In fact, since the oil is infused in the center, rather than painted on the outside of the pre-roll, the oil starts to get vaporized by the end of the lit pre-roll, which creates a smoother, less harsh smoke.

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Works With:

  • Live Rosin
  • Live Resin
  • High Terpine Extract
  • Delta 8 & 9 Distillate
  • CBD Distillate
  • Sauce
  • Badder
  • Sugar
  • Crumble
  • Testimonial

    Revolutionary Clinics provides a behind-the-scenes look at how they utilize Jiko to automate their pre-roll infusion process. These cannabis experts guide you through what it takes to get production moving, the incredible performance you can expect, how easy these machines are to use, and the practical information you need to decide if this machine is the right investment for your brand.

    Easily Automate your Infused Pre-roll Production

    Our Our Fully-Automatic Infused Pre-Roll Machine uses state of the art technology to precisely infuse a rod of oil in the center of your pre-roll.


    Each pre-roll is precisely infused in 4.5 seconds per pre-roll. Designed for an optimal user experience, our Automated Infusion Pre-Roll Machine reduce labor by requiring only one technician to operate. 


    This technology works with all standard size cones and tubes plus we can fabricate additional wheels for nearly any custom size you may need. 


    Each automated infusion machine includes a simple to learn tablet controller.