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Pop Top Tubes - 3D Mockup Designer (3D Render Only)

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Opacity, Child Resistance, Air-Tight Level, Eco-Friendly Level, Country of Origin,


Child Resistance:
Certified Child-Resistant
Air-Tight Level:
Slightly Air-Tight
Eco-Friendly Level:
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Pop Top Tubes - 3D Mockup Designer (3D Render Only)
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Customized Pre-Roll Tube and Instant 3D Mockups

Custom pop-top tubes are an excellent way to enhance your pre-roll line and make your brand stand out among all the competitors. This Instant 3D Mockup tool allows you to see what a Pop-Top Tube will look like with your custom branding before placing an order for custom cones with our sales team. Select your tube size and color, then play around with different colors and graphic placement to get a feel for what your branding will look like on a custom tube. This is only a 3D mock-up, not physically printed mock-ups. If you like what you see, contact us today for a custom quote and to get your custom cones ordered! 

Select Your Tube 

Plastic doob tubes are the tried and true workhorse of the pre-roll cannabis industry. You can’t go wrong! We have printed millions of pre-roll labels for pop-top doob tubes, we can make custom sizes and print any label. Our custom pre-roll labels come with a slight taper, which perfectly matches the slight taper on the joint or blunt tube. This taper ensures your pre-roll labels are applied perfectly straight and an ultra-strong adhesive makes sure they adhere to the packaging. We have several options to assist you in applying your labels. You can apply them by hand, of course, or purchase one of our tube labeling machines. If those don’t work, you can utilize our Joint Tube Labeling Service.

Fully Customize Your Design

We offer custom pre-roll labels meant for pre-roll tubes. Our custom pre-roll labels are die cut at the perfect angle for pre-roll tubes. This means when the pre-roll label is applied to the tube it meets evenly at the back and all your branding appears straight. Many brands make the mistake of using a rectangular label, which ends up looking unprofessional upon application. Not only can we provide and custom design the labels for you, we can also apply them.

Order and Produce your Custom Tubes 

Now that you have your design mocked up and ready to order, save your design and contact the sales team for the next steps in creating your custom pop-top tubes. Our in house designers will assure that your exact vision is met in a timely manner.