Environmentally friendly and sustainable pre-roll packaging is essential for the cannabis industry, that's why we are so proud to offer child-resistant tubes made from recycled ocean plastic. These recycled ocean tubes come in two sizes, the 110mm and the 78mm. The 110mm pre roll tube can easily fit a full gram cone and is wide enough to hold up to 2 pre-rolls. The 78mm pre-roll tube is sized for half gram or smaller pre-rolls and the 78mm tube is also wide enough to hold 2 pre-rolls. Compared to most all other pre roll tubes, these pre roll tubes are made from plastics, which have been reclaimed and recycled from the ocean. These recycled ocean plastic tubes pre-roll tubes are also easily recyclable and certified child-resistant. Unlike pop-top tubes, these recycled ocean plastic pre-roll tubes have a twist and open closure. You need to align the cap to the middle and then pop the lid off. We also supply custom labels, so please reach out if you want to bundle your pre-roll packaging with custom pre-roll labels