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Tendu Palm Leaf Blunt Tubes

Our Toasted Tendu palm blunts are very similar to our Cordia leaf blunts, popular known as "palm leaf blunts." However, the big difference is the type of leaf used and how the leaves are cured - the tendu leaves are toasted, removing chlorophyll and other plant components, which creates a super smooth and subtle taste. Our toasted Tendu palm leaf blunts are a perfect substitute for blunt smokers looking to stray away from tobacco. They contain zero glue, are slow burning, and could be customized to reach blunt sizes from a half gram to 10 grams. Additionally, if you want to add a custom cigar band, we can help you customize your Tendu palm leaf blunts. To understand Tendu blunt tubes in comparison to other pre-roll materials, check out our materials guide.