Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging

custom push pack

Custom Push Packs

The Custom Push Pack is a stylish and high-end pre-roll multipack packaging option that allows you to fully customize the size, design, and overall look and feel of the product inside and out. The Push Pack also comes with a customizable insert protects your pre-rolls on the inside, while the child-resistant push-tab protects children on the outside. Its ergonomic shape makes it feel comfortable when held in your pocket or in your hand and push-closure is easy to learn, limiting client frustration when opening. Plus, the recyclable paper packaging is a more eco-friendly option.

custom cigarette boxes

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Our cigarette boxes can be customized to fit any size and any number of pre-rolls! Looking for a 3-pack of infused one-gram pre-rolls - no problem! Looking for a 10-pack of mini-Dogwalkers - no problem! We can custom size each cigarette box to your exact specifications, so you get pre-roll packaging as singular as your brand. If you are looking for a custom cigarette box design with gold foil, spot UV, or other premium printing options, our team of expert designers will work with you to ensure we create the custom cigarette box of your dreams. Regardless of the cigarette box size, we have an insert that will house your brand’s pre-rolls securely. The inserts use paperboard to create dividers between your pre-rolls so they fit in any configuration you like.

custom display boxes

Custom Display Boxes

Our custom point-of-purchase displays can be customized to fit any size and any configuration of multipack packaging. You can display doob tubes of single-gram fatties or multipacks featuring several pre-rolls. The marquee tab soars above your products in a custom container that lets everyone see your brand—loud and proud. However you want your pre-rolls to sit on the shelf and call out to customers, we can tailor a display box to get the job done.

custom pull packs

Custom Pull Packs

The Pull Pack is perfect for those looking for a luxury pre-roll multipack packaging option made from paper, so it is eco-friendly, but not child resistant. If you need your pre-roll packaging to be child resistant, the equivalent option is the Push Pack. The Pull Pack is made from ultra thick paper board, so your pre-rolls will be protected and your customers will be impressed with this beautiful pre roll packaging. The satin ribbon pull makes this packaging option easy to open and the customizable tray options make this multipack fully customizable for any size or number of pre-rolls.

custom book box

Custom Book Boxes

Tell the story of your brand with the Custom Book Box! Featuring bright, colorful printing and an eco-friendly but thick paper construction, the Custom Book Box can be splashed in sophistication or laid-back cool. It could be designed to look like a small humidor for an upscale feel or styled out to be colorful and playful party box. The beauty of the Custom Book Box is really the ability to customize. We can make the books any size and have multiple insert options to hold all the pre-rolls you desire. Your logo can be front and center on the outside, while on-brand messages delight your customers on the inside. If you want your brand to play in the big leagues, it’s time to hit the books with the Custom Book Box.

custom button boxes

Custom Button Boxes

The beauty of the Custom Button Box is really the ability to customize. We can make the button box any size, plus we have multiple insert options to hold all the pre-rolls you desire. Your logo can be front and center on the outside, while on-brand messages delight your customers on the inside. Finally, the side button child-resistance mechanism is effective, yet easy to operate for adults, reducing frustration for customers. Custom Button Boxes have the classic feel of the cigarette box with a modern, child-resistant upgrade. Featuring vivid, full-color printing and an eco-friendly but sturdy paper construction (2mm), the Custom Button Box can be dressed in sophistication or relaxed, laid-back feel. .

recycled ocean plastic tubes

Custom Ocean Tubes

If you are an eco-conscious pre-roll brand or if environmental awareness is an important part of your mission, then you can show it (not just tell it) with these ocean recycled plastic pre-roll tubes. These tubes come in two size: 110mm and 78mm tall. The 110mm tube is perfect for up to full gram pre-rolls and can hold up to two joints. These tubes feature an align-and-pop closure that is highly secure and safe. Our Custom Ocean Tubes use pre-roll tubes recycled from ocean plastic, which was recovered from the ocean. Like our other packaging, we can direct-print and bring your brand to life on an ocean tube.

custom glass tubes

Custom Glass Tubes

We have the most extensive glass tube selection in the world. Once you have the tubes you want for your brand, we are happy to be able to offer glass tube label application services. Our labels come with a slight taper to make sure you get flawless application that looks perfect. With excellent clear and opaque options, glass tubes are a great way to create a classy finish for your pre-roll. Most of our glass tubes are child resistant; however, we do have some cork and bamboo-cap glass tubes that are not CR.

custom pre-roll tins

Custom Pre-Roll Tins

Metal tins are a discrete and ergonomic pre-roll packaging type that always fits easily in the pocket and feels natural in the hand regardless of the tin size. Our tins also feature a variety of lid closures to deliver whatever experience you are looking for. The tins can be dressed up with any manner of logo, message, or color scheme to deliver a unique package. For example, you can brand the tin in your custom branding, as well as direct-print custom messages or additional product information on the inside of the tin. If you can dream it up, we can bring it to life in brilliant colors on your custom tin.