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Pre-Roll Snap Pack - Black - Child Resistant [100 per Case]

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Made in the USA
Child Resistance:
Child Resistant
Package Color:
Package Style:
Snap Pack
Up to 10 - 84mm cones.
Package Material:
As Low as .37 cents Per Snap-Pack!
Fully Custom Labels Available Upon Request
Easy to Open:
Senior-Friendly for Opening Package
88mm x 50.7mm x 24mm
Bottom width:

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Pre-Roll Snap Pack - Black - Child Resistant [100 per Case]
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Child-Resistant Multi-Pack Pre-Roll Packaging

Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Packaging Made in the USA

The Pre-Roll Snap-Pack is an economical, easy opening, packaging option for pre-roll multi packs. This pre-roll packaging can hold up to 10 half-gram 84mm cones. The pre-roll snap-pack is child resistant and is currently in CPSC/ISO testing. The plug seals on the cap of the packaging helps to keep your flower fresh in each pre-roll. The pre-roll packaging ergonomic design allows it to comfortably fit in your pocket and feel natural in your hand. 


Child-Resistant Packaging

The pre-roll snap pack is high quality pre-roll packaging made in the USA. It has a butterfly hinge on the cap, that when you snap open the snap-pack the cap stays open! This means easy access to the pre-rolls! The pre-roll snap pack is also designed to be easily opened with one hand, so when you're outdoors or on the move, the snap-pack can be easily opened with no fumbling around!  


Durable and Reusable Pre-Roll Container

The Pre-Roll Snap Pack is made from durable plastic which protects the pre-rolls inside from any damage. The container is also highly reusable with a hinge which can last for many months. The high quality feel of this package would make any consumer want to keep this as a way to store there own rolls or lighters! This pre-roll package also has plenty of room for labeling with space on the top lid, bottom, and all across the front, back and side of the package. Contact us to get a custom die for this pre-roll package! 


Perfect for Pre-Roll Multi-Packs 

Pre-roll multi-packs are getting more and more popular! Of course, single pre-rolls in pop-tops are a classic, but consumers love the convenience of pre roll multi-packs. The Snap Pack is great for half gram pre-rolls and you can fit up to 10 pre-rolls. We also have humidity packs that you can add inside the pre-roll packaging, so your pre-rolls stay fresh. We offer both 2 gram and 4 gram humidity packs depending on how many pre-rolls you are putting inside. 

QuantityPrice per CasePrice per Pack
1 Case $49.95 per Case $0.49 per Pack
2-3 Cases $45.95 per Case $0.45 per Pack
4-7 Cases $42.46 per Case $0.42 per Pack
8-11 Cases $40.96 per Case $0.40 per Pack
12+ Cases $37.46 per Case $0.37 per Pack